Tesla re-launches loyalty program


The car maker promises a monthly draw for the Y model and a quarter-year draw for the Roadster.

Tesla has announced through his blog that he will relaunch his client loyalty program. The original program was canceled at the beginning of February this year because the company cost a lot of money.

Invitation codes will allow the new owner of an electric car a free charge for a fixed amount of time. Both customers get the equivalent of charging full chargers with a charger, which is equal to 1500 kilometers. Thus, the owner from where the code originates will be rewarded with a new customer who bought the car and entered the invitation.

In addition, owners who will invite other customers will get an opportunity to win in the model Y and Roadster. Both cars will be the founding series and signatures of founder Elon Muske and designer Franz von Holzhausen. Every month, which will start on May 1, the Y will start a new Roadster every three months with the first draw on June 1st.

However, if the buyer is one of those who, together with the car, even receive a free lifetime on the chargers, each recommendation receives two drawings.

However, some restrictions apply. The program applies only to orders that were issued only on March 21 this year and the ordered vehicle must be delivered. On the contrary, prizes do not apply to the latter Model Y and used cars.

What could I get before?

Finally, the previous loyalty program was much more generous. The awards included a $ 500 credit to buy Tesla products, two sets of S and X models, a home battery Powerwall 2 or even a discount for a purchase SuperSports Roadster. The code of known YouTube Marquez Brownlee, named MKBHD, even used so many people to claim a 100% discount.

Other "little things" that could be gained were also interesting. For example, you can upload a photo into space, get access to car software updates, invite a new model, drive a tunnel machine, or watch the beginning of last year Falcon Heavy Rockets.


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