Thursday , August 5 2021

Swimmer Kameňák enjoys the sea: Totally naked on the beach!

Alice Bend (45) Slovakian viewers will definitely remember cult films Fantastic Flying Under the Dog, Soul as Caviar, Velvet Whip and Candidate. It has also appeared in a number of series, but now you can also see it on the TV screens of Markíz.

already On February 22, the series will be broadcast Kameňák and Alice plays the wife of the city police chief who takes everyday sex. Because her husband is often employed, she must "fish in other waters".

And enjoying water in his private life, he and Michal and his partner are currently sunbathing in the Canary Islands. While on vacation, she feels well on vacation and now offers some hot shots with her fan on the social network!


The new Kameňák series will begin on February 22 in Marquis

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