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Stunning Storm: This photo captures the dynamic atmosphere of icy uranium


Source: gifmania

The Hubble Telescope once a year photographs the gas giants of our solar system to see their outer atmosphere. On Thursday, NASA showed some stunning Uran's paintings.

The OPAL program, which explores the outer atmosphere of the planet, helps us constantly to understand the giant giant of the Roman Road. Now he has offered a wonderful view of the huge storm that bizarrely buys in the northern half of Uranus. According to NASA, this has led to changes in the atmospheric flow of the planet.

Source: NASA Solar System

You will not miss the storm in the latest photo; covers the whole northern hemisphere planet. A special painting was easy to obtain, mainly because of the attribute that is different from other solar system planets – its dramatic slope of 98 degrees. In the summer, the northern course of the planet shows almost directly on the Sun, and the Earth offers a wonderful view.

Such data and information is very important for scientists

Scientists hope that the OPAL program will provide them with a wealth of valuable data and help them understand the atmosphere and weather of the planets in the external solar system. Just like a meteorologist can not predict time on Earth from multiple photos, astronomers need a series of images of the atmosphere of other planets that need to be collected over a longer period of time. So it's more than likely that we'll still see such nice shots.

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