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Slovak companies already feel German slowdown, help new car maker – Economy – News


The slowdown from Germany is already heard by the Slovakian industry, and the new carmaker is holding it over water. This was stated in the commentary on December industrial production, omubomír Korškák, analyst at UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia.

"The weak number of the Slovakian industry at the end of the year
in several European countries, especially in Germany
basically not surprised. However, the Slovak industry is not similar to the majority
other European economies can still rely on their own key
sector – the automotive industry, thanks to new production
Capacities are safely protected against red numbers even year by year
comparison. However, the rest of the industry sector worked less
more or less shaking the negative wave, "he said.

The ten-year yoy growth of the industry was rather unbalanced
concentrated almost exclusively in the automotive industry. year
five more than all
15 basic branches of the Slovakian industry (food, wood, refineries,
pharmaceutical industry and rubber, plastics and building materials), t
depending on their weight, their contribution was usually negligible and
does not exceed 0,4 percentage points.

The problems of the German industry ended at the end of the year
in other important export sectors of the Slovakian industry.
Manufacturers of electrical equipment (excluding consumer electronics)
show signs of a slowdown in the past months in December
the sector has already shown its full scope and its production has declined

Even in recent months
The fur continued to fall. Lower external demand would be this
in the coming months, to slow down the performance of the Slovakian industry.
"A cyclical slowdown will not be avoided with most of its industries, perhaps with just one
except for the automotive industry. It should be this year
probably the only important source of growth for the Slovakian industry, for
due to new generation capacity and gradual production growth
in the new fourth car in the country. Established cars would
they did not need to contribute to the growth of production in the industry and, as others do not
domestic industry (and European industry)
signs of cyclical deceleration. However, it is due to delivery shock
The Slovakian industry as a whole had to maintain its black color this year
added Kornishak.

According to the analyst of the Slovak savings bank Katarina Muchova in December
By 2018, the main advantage was the production of cars that rose year on year
by 26.4%. On the contrary, the most important factor of braking was the treatment of metals, t
an annual decrease of 10.5 percent. "In general, last year was industrial
production increased by 4.5%, largely due to the production of cars
(4.9 percentage points), while some sectors of industry are growing
(such as electricity, gas and steam), "she added

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia informed that industrial production
in December 2018 increased by 3.1% year on year. After season treatment
impact on industrial production in December 2018 compared to November
2018 decreased by 0.9%.

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