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Škoda Octavia: The legend celebrates sixty years. It was just for coupons – Magazine – Car

Škoda Octavia introduced itself as successor ...

Škoda Octavia has introduced itself as
the successor to Spartacus, i.e. Škoda 440/445. She worked something more modern. Z
for example the front part of the two-door sedan has disappeared from the "alloys" that are
originally above the mask.
Author: Škoda-Auto

The Octavia story started much earlier than in 1959, when it began with lines
in Mladá Boleslav, in order to fulfill the first examples. Škoda Octavia
it was not a brand new car. It was based on the older Škodi 440/445, named
Spartacus, which is in the world for five years. Spartacus was the first model
Damage resulting from nationalization. You probably do not have to remember that
money in a centrally managed economy was not low, so he had to
download up to 80 percent of components from previous models Damage –
Tudor and even pro-War People. Modern upgrade
she did not change anything.

Completed Spartak

The team of designers, led by František Pribyl, and the area
body Josef Velebny got the chance to finish his original
until the first update. Octavia was from today's point of view
only the skill of Spartacus. Well, quite a lot. The fundamental change was
the use of a much more modern trapezoidal front axle with coils
springs and telescopic chokes. The basic concept with the front-wheel drive,
the drive to the rear wheels and the central tube housings remained unchanged. just
such as the rear suspension on the revolving half. At the prototype stage
although the spiral springs were also tested on the back, but this solution was not bypassed.

Octavia introduced in 1969 ...

Octavia introduced in 1969 to
Geneva Motor Show.
Author: Škoda-Auto

High requirements have been added to hydraulic dampers
external supplier, and the development of new production would be overestimated. Octavia
so it had to be done with transversal folding. By the new one
shaped thicker and thinner leaves to achieve a progressive effect
general vehicle behavior. 4-roll rolling was also changed
with aluminum block, cast iron cast iron and OHV. It improved
such as lubrication or construction of rods. From the volume of 1089 cc was given
output power 29.4 kW. The 4-speed transmission was attached to the rear wheels
cardan in the central tube. Only 920 kg weigh Octavia
maximum speed 110 km / h.

The base of Octavia was still Spartacus. She got ...

The base of Octavia was still Spartacus.
However, he got a more modern trapezoidal suspension with front wheels
springs and telescopic chokes. There are also springs
behind, but in the end they were leafy pens.
Author: Škoda-Auto

While the original Spartacus 440 became Octavia, whose name
symbolizes that the eighth model of transition to the concept with an independent
By hanging (since 1933), the Spartacus 445 has become the Octavia Super. She had it
engine with a larger displacement of 1 221 cm3 and a power of 33 kW. Maximum speed
in this case, it climbed to 120 km / h. But Octavia Super Own
service requires more fuel. After a hundred kilometers they died from the tank
equal to eight, three deciliters more. The World Premiere was held in the year
1959 at the Geneva Motor Show. From there they showered
USA. Revised limo with two doors, length 4.065, width 1600 and high
1 430 mm liked.

Just for the coupon

The design has improved the simple front mask with one horizontal
bar. "Fusion" has become a past. They came to the fenders
Inscriptions Octavia. The interior was also refined with a more detailed dashboard.
The pacemaker did not pull it out of the dashboard. The steering wheel got it again
Control the horn all over the circle. Production started in Mlada Boleslav
gradually along the old 440/445 models. It was even "hybrid"
with a new bodywork, but with the old chassis construction. Although a communist
way trying to inspire the atmosphere that the Octavia car for the crowd, also
no. Octavia in Czechoslovakia in 1959 amounted to CZK 28,000,
about 550 more than the original Spartacus. With an average payoff around
1 200 Kčs was a very expensive toy. Besides, not for everyone.

Under the cover were 4-cylinder OHVs with a capacity of 1.1 ...

Under the hood were 4-cylinder OHVs
volume 1.1 and 1.2 liters. Production was 29.4 kW. She worked
4-speed manual transmission.
Author: Škoda-Auto

You bought a shopping voucher issued by a county board
Communist Party. A prerequisite was a clean profile. You are too
The dreamy Octavia waited for about two years. It was free
about 10,000 crowns more expensive. And it's small. Autumn
In 1959, it enriched the Octavie Touring Sport offer. He was smaller than the engines,
with a volume of 1,090 cm3 and two carburettors. Capacity has risen to
36.8 kW, which meant an increase in the maximum speed to 128 km / h. Touring
You know the sport with a mask without a central lamella. They were new
separate front seats. Other versions had a bench.

Under the cover were 4-cylinder OHVs with a capacity of 1.1 ...

Under the hood were 4-cylinder OHVs
volume 1.1 and 1.2 liters. Production was 29.4 kW. She worked
4-speed manual transmission.
Author: Škoda-Auto

The Octavia Touring Sport was developed for the needs of the FIA ​​class
in the group of unmanaged passenger cars. And she took the playground
decent achievements. An example is the hector on the Monte Carlo rally in years
1961 to 1963. Octaviu TS paid to customers on the open market by the year
42,000 kr. He did not miss the cabriolet too. Changed the name from Škoda 450 v
Felicia. Of course, this was an attractive export article, a great resource
the currency of the socialist regime, so it was not the way to the domestic market
Easy. Felicia has taken on all the innovative technical features. Its production
From February 1959 he was in Kvasina.

Finally, the wagon

In 1961 he finally arrived Praktik wagon. This version is complete
for two years. The external dimensions are compared with two doors
"Tudorom" did not change, which also applies to the wheelbase with a value
2 390 mm, but the rear flap was able to take off with 690 and after tilting
rear bumpers up to 1,050 liters. The length of the loading area was in accordance with
internal layouts from 965 to 1500 mm. He worn the case horizontally
split two-piece cover. It also helped to increase the load from 350 to 400 kg.
The Praktik was even more expensive than the Touring Sport. he stood
43,000 kr.

In 1961, finally, a practical combination ...

Finally comes in 1961
praktický kombi Praktik. Under the hood, split horizontally, it was hidden
a case with a capacity of 690 liters. Load capacity increased from 350 to 400 kg.

Škoda Auto

The first major upgrade was carried out with a wagon. It already had it
fashion rear wings on mudguards. Since 1961 he was for everything
Octavia. Due to the increase, the engine has gained a higher power of 30.9 kW
compression ratio. Octavia Sport has reached 34.6 kW. The exterior has also improved
a new mask or tank cover that lies underneath the lid. Spare tire
the seat for the seats "moved" under the floor of the trunk. Take it out
without opening the bonnet. As obsessive, it has benefited from the modernization of the flight
1962 Octavia Touring Sport. She got a bigger 1.2-liter engine.
Together with a pair of carburettors this meant up to 40.4 kW and maximum
130 km / h.

The Octavia Touring Sport with an engine equipped with two ...

Octavia Touring Sport with engine
equipped with two carburettors was created for sports approval
Author: Škoda-Auto

There was a change in sales in December. Communist regime
canceled shopping vouchers. This means the initial discounts for members
has become a thing of the past. Octavia has grown from its original 29,500
38 000 and Combi to 43 000 CZK. The retweet had to retouch the Octavia
In 1963 he graduated. The new square mask has improved again
sample and rear plastic handle to tilt the cover. Characteristic has become small
white-red light on the central columns in the contour function,
directional and parking lights. The dashboard stopped mirroring
in the front window because of the black coating. There is no big change in the interior
Separate front seats were supplied as standard.

Success in the West

It was already in Mlada Boleslav, which formed the revolution. They were running
terrible work on the development of the new Skoda 1000 MB with the rear engine
building completely new production halls. The rear Octavia with two doors
the body was withdrawn from lines on April 11, 1964. Combi Praktik
he continued. And by December 1971, this is an incredible seven
years longer. That was a logical decision. Arrival of the property on the basis of compensation
1000 was unlikely due to the new concept. The practitioner worked
to complete many upgrades. Already in 1965 aluminum was added
decorative tapes, gray dashboard, polyurethane ceiling and lever for radiation
she moved from floor to floor.

Octaviu 450 replaced the new convertible in 1959 ...

Octaviu 450 was replaced in 1959
the new convertible with today's legendary Felicia. He took it from Octavia
all innovations. In addition to the roof with canopy, there was also a hard roof.

Škoda Auto

The new Octavia sunscreen and armrests have borrowed practically Octavia
from the new thousand. Consequently, the price has risen to CZK 44 500. years
In 1967, a new mask with a horizontal rib and a matching mask came in
with new regulations and three-point safety belts. most
Cocktail has been an opportunity to create a bedding interior.
The backrests of the rear seats have been changed due to the changing of underpasses and mudguards
not only forward but also backwards. It's amazing, but the Octavia Combi
has survived the arrival of the Škoda 100 since 1969. With it she entered the finals
rear lights, as well as with dashboard and steering wheel from damage
1000 MB

Octavia also competed. In the group ...

Octavia also competed.
In the FIA ​​group, unadjusted passenger cars have a hetric on the Monte Rally
Carlo from 1961 to 1963
Author: Škoda-Auto

Although Octavia was only updated to Spartacus, it was finally in scope
production exceeded. Between 1959 and 1971, 365,379 pieces were created.
The version with two doors had 229,531 articles, the Octavia Super 79,489,
5486 and 2 273 units for the Touring Sport. There's a lot of them
it ended in the west, where Octavia felt good. Better equipped exports
versions went to West Germany and Austria under the name Popular and it
Belgium as Spartia. These company names have been used in the past,
export Spartaky. For this purpose, two-sided windows from sheet metal were added,
who mostly moved to Scandinavia.

Rarity is the "cross" Trek, which was created from 1965 to 1971
in New Zealand. Its base was shortened Octavia chassis. design
remember Land Rover. The walk covered eight passengers. you can
they have both a canvas and a solid roof. The versions of the pikkap were also made
beach bugin. Several works ended in Vietnam, Australia or beyond
Fiji. One of the rarity was also in Czechoslovakia. At the factory
Damage is using modified duck "Drak" to deliver the material. on
In 1971, Octavia took off in the past, but only in time. That's the name
the Czech producer withdrew in 1996 when he presented the first model to the world
built after entering the Volkswagen group. It's good. From three
The generation of the modern Octavia has produced approximately 6.1 million copies.
But it's a completely different story.

Škoda Octavia - 60

Škoda Octavia - 60

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