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Ramsay wins over France: in most matches she was a hit


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Coach Craig Ramsay was pleased with the performance of his men and the result of the match with France at the World Cup in Kosice. Slovak hockey players have improved their mood by winning 6: 3 and believe that they will have a smile on their lips even on Saturday against the UK.

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For the national team, this was only the second win in the tournament. By the middle of the match, they were already leading 3: 0, then they gave the opponents a room to reduce to one goal difference. Of course, the coach did not like it.

"We generally did a good job. We tried to hunt them, we worked well with the batons and played in their group. Then we managed 3-0 and suddenly we decided that we could do something on ice. When you play a campaign that can be successful, you will have to persecute your opponent. The French used it, slipped a lot and pressed on our defenses. "

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Ramsay, after an unsuccessful meeting with Germany (2: 3), said that his people should learn to play the right champions. According to him, the play on Friday was already close.

"In most matches, the success of the champions was not, but not all the time. The champions play at the beginning of the match, just like in the middle or at the end. The group abducted me again, and then we lost control of nothing. We have a style, we have a system, we have very good players. We showed that we can play with every opponent, but we have to play easily. If we do this, we are very fast, strong on the package, and everyone is hard to play against us, he said.

What needs to be improved

The Slovaks gave the French a six goals, three wins and one in weakness. So the Canadian coach could be satisfied with the offensive, but there is still a lot to be done. "We should shoot more at the target and push for the hooks. You better do what you always try to play. "

After the game there was a good mood in the cabin, the players went through the mixzón and finally smiled at the lips, but Ramsay was more reserved. He won the victory on Friday, but on Saturday it is another obstacle in the form of Great Britain.

"We must be happy and have a good mood. We did not play bad matches at the tournament, but the results are poor and you are wondering if players can come to life again. And today they did it. We all enjoy the fact that we won, scored six goals and our power play, and tomorrow we will have another job, he added.



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