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ONLINE: MS in Alpine skiing – Alpine skiing in men


Sebastian Foss-Solevåg from Norway is today the second representative of the country. He did not bring the bag to the finish line and finished in the 21st, so he did not play with his colleague Kilde.


Boštjan Kline is now the third representative of Slovenia. Also, the loss gradually began to increase, with the 18th place in the end.


The first Czech representative on the line today is Ondřej Berndt. Meanwhile, his loss began to rise and eventually he was at the final end of the 22nd place!


Ryan Cochran-Siegle is a US representative who can surprise the show. Meanwhile, it was faster than Paris, then there were problems and finally there was another. I'm very sorry about this hesitation and it can put a lot of pressure on Paris.


Andreas Romar from Finland has launched a dozen competitors. For him, the top ten are certainly a success, but this is the eighth place due to a firm conclusion.


Luca Aerni from Switzerland tried to upgrade her colleagues in this first round. Finally, this is the twelfth place, which is not the worst.


A number of Italy sent a second deputy to the line. Riccardo Tonetti first did not compromise his colleagues, but the ninth place is definitely very good.


Filip Zubčić from Croatia is a particularly good slalom. At the center of the track there is a big mistake, and it's finally up to fourteen. Filip Zubčić certainly had higher ambitions.


Christof Innerhofer is today the second representative of Italy. Even the first round was above expectations, it is in third place and has the best opportunities for the second round.


The first representative of Norway is Alexander Aamodt Kilde along this path. In the first round he went very well and eventually took the second place, so he could be the greatest Norwegian hope if it's good with slalom.


Ted Ligety is the second US deputy today. From the beginning he was in trouble and it seemed that he would not finish. But he managed to get out, but he was the last one to finish 15th.


Niels Hintermann, who is also the representative of the state, started after him. It was not the worst ride, but ultimately came fifth. Switzerland is currently experiencing a difficult first round.


Another target of Switzerland, Mauro Caviezel, is also at the target. It's a bit worse than the beginning and finally it's fourth.


We also have a change in leadership here! Dominik Paris from Italy scored a goal for over half a second and this is a great chance for a medal.


Pavel Trichichev from Russia started the second dozen of competitors. He did not get the ideal end of the route, where his loss began to rise in the first Kriechmayr.


Vincent Kriechmayr from Austria ranked the top ten skiers. He made an excellent ride when he was overtaken by Janka for the first time, and that's why he is also the premier first place!


Today, the third Frenchman on the track Victor Muffat-Jeandet, which belongs to the popular medals. The OH bronze medal went very well, but in the end, a big mistake came in and finally came to the sixth place.


The first US deputy is Bryce Bennett. It was not the worst, the fourth was before the season. We will see how slalom discipline will be held, which is not its strongest aspect.


According to many experts, Alexis Pinturault is the main favorite of gold! However, there was an error at the beginning of the journey, and the loss of Janka gradually increased. In the end it's up to fifth place, but there are still some in the slalom.


Slovenia has already sent its second deputy to the line. Stefan Hadalin turned to harder situations and in the end is the fifth best time. His stronger side is slalom.


Marco Schwarz is one of the main favorites to win. The initial leap took him seriously, but eventually began to reduce his loss. The finish ends with the fourth best time, we will see how it will take place in the slalom.


Klemen Kosi is the representative of Slovenia and is ranked fourth in the rankings. Finally, this is the third best time since the Slovenian representative did not finish the course.


The first Austrian deputy who reached the track is Romed Baumann. In the second half of the year he began to lose and this loss has increased. Before the target has nearly fallen, it is finally his last time to lose three tenths.


Second place is the Swiss representative Carlo Janka. The Swiss were well from the beginning and were better every time. Before the French, the advantage is more than a second and a half – 1: 07.87


Thomas Mermillod Blondin from France started today's program when he first came to the track. At the first jump, there was a hesitation that finally ended with a time of 1: 09.39, which is certainly not the best time.


The first round of the men's combination in Swedish Åre is just starting when the first drops down!

Again we have a nice day for alpine ski lovers! Nothing prevents the first cycle of male men from starting in Sweden. The first round is downhill and 56 competitors participate. For Slovakia, the starting numbers 45 and the last 56 are important for Matej Pristranny and Martin Benedik.

In a short time when the race begins, I wish you a pleasant sports experience.

The start of the first circle is moving! Wind problems remain, so the organizers decided to start the first round. We will sign up again before the scheduled start.

I wish you a pleasant morning to watch the transfer from MS in Alpine skiing. Today, there is a combination of men on a program that consists of descent and slogan. The first is the Royal Skiing discipline, and then the second round will be slalom.

The first round will begin with Thomas Mermillod Blondin from France, who will first be on the track. The first round is then concluded with the Slovak representative Martin Bendik. His representative Matej Pristranny has a starting number of 45.

In a short time when the race begins, I wish you a pleasant sports experience.

Starting list:
Thomas Mermillod Blondin (FRA)
Carlo Janka (SUI)
3. Romed Baumann (AUT)
4. Klemen Kosi (SLO)
5. Marco Schwarz (AUT)
6. Stefan Hadalin (SLO)
Alexis Pinturault (FRA)
8. Bryce Bennett (USA)
9. Victor Muffat – Jeandet (FRA)
10. Vincent Kriechmayr (AUT)
11. Pavel Trichichev (RUS)
12. Dominic Paris (ITA)
13. Mauro Caviezel (SUI)
14. Niels Hintermann (SUI)
15. Ted Ligety (USA)
16. Alexander Aamodt Kilde (NOR)
17. Christof Innerhofer (ITA)
18. Filip Zubcic (CRO)
19. Riccardo Tonetti (ITA)
20. Luca Aerni (SUI)
21. Andreas Romar (FIN)
22. Ryan Cochran-Siegle (USA)
23. Ondrej Berndt (CZE)
24. Boštjan Kline (SLO)
25. Sebastian Foss-Solevag (NOR)
26. Jan Zabystran (CZE)
27. Maxence Muzaton (FRA)
28. Sandro Simonet (SUI)
29. Felix Monsen (SWE)
30. Mattia Casse (ITA)
31. Miha Hrobat (SLO) t
32. Rasmus Windingstad (NOR)
33. Linus Strasser (GER)
34. Daniel Danklmaier (AUT)
35. Alexander Köll (SWE)
36. Ivan Kuznetsov (RUS)
37. Marko Vukicevic (SRB)
38. Natko Zrncic-Dim (CRO)
39. Jack Gower (GBR)
40. Jeffrey Read (CAN)
41. Dominik Schwaiger (Germany)
42. Brodie Seger (CAN)
43. Henrik von Appen (CHI)
44. Adrian Smiseth Sejersted (NOR)
45. Matej Pristranny (SVK)
46. ​​Sven von Appen (CHI)
47. Zack Monsen (SWE)
48. Olle Sundin (SWE)
49. Christoffer Faarup (DEN)
50. Ivan Kovbasnuk (UKR)
51. Simon Breitfuss Kammerlander (BOL)
52. Tomas Klinsky (CZE)
53. Yuri Danilockin (BLR)
54. Elvis Opmanis (LAT)
55. Albin Tahiri (KOS)
56. Martin Bendik (SVK)

I wish you a pleasant morning! Today, MS in Alpine skiing continues with other programs, and the series is a combination of men who make slopes and slalom. The first round will take place at 11:00 and it will end, the other is scheduled for 14:30 and will be slalom.

The main favorites are Alexis Pinturault from France, who belongs to the universal skiers. However, we must not forget our compatriot Victor Muffat-Jeandet or the Austrian Marco Schwarz, who is currently the leader of the men's combination. Therefore, we can certainly look forward to interesting races, but this is MS.

But Slovakia also has reason to watch at least the first round. Two men's representatives, Matej Prieložný and Martin Bendik, will participate in the men's combinations in Sweden Åre. Keep them stick to make an effort.

Welcome to online upload. The event starts at 11:00.

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