Nokia 7 Plus phones send sensitive information to China


The data were transmitted by Chinese state operators. It was a mistake.

HMD Global faces criticism and doubt. Norway's NRKBeta website has revealed that some of its smartphones Nokia 7 Plus send sensitive hardware data to China. To make things worse, the data were not encrypted at all. The theme was for XDA developers.

More specifically, the information should be sent as unique IMEI identifiers, the mobile antenna number to which the smartphone is connected, the SIM card ID and the physical MAC address of the Wi-Fi module. Disclosure of information was disclosed through the analysis of network traffic by the Norwegian web reader. According to the findings, the data should be targeted at the domain, owned by the Chinese national telecommunications operator.

Nokia 7 Plus

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The company later commented on the situation and confirmed leakage. However, according to her, she had only one wrong series of the model. Try smartphones to send activation information to a foreign server. However, HMD Global adds that data has never been processed and that no personal data has been leaked. The software update has already been released and most users have already installed it.

Asked whether the company should send data from sales outlets in China, the response page was not received.


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