Wednesday , July 28 2021

Mom froze in horror as she watched the VIDEO from the camera in the nursery: Do you hear that too?

The experience of an unknown mother who, when playing pictures from a security camera in her daughter’s room, causes many users to get chills. The woman reported a silent request for help to them when someone whispered “help me”. The voice was accompanied by a heavy breath from a home electronic device. “Is it a ghost or some stupid joke?” the mother asks.

Increase the volume. You’ll hear something that says “help me.” lähde: r / Ghosts

At the beginning of the video, she stands on one side of the room and her daughter on the other. The viewer’s attentive ear can capture the breath and words asking for help, but it’s not clear where they come from. “There’s no electronics, no fan, no TV in the room.” states the author of the article.

VIDEO from kindergarten scared my father completely: When he saw what was happening to his daughter, he got scared

Many believe that words could be uttered by a child. They suspect why the woman is concentrating exactly on the corner of the room from which she is expanding. “I can’t help but think of people who can break into similar devices and watch your kids all the time. I don’t like these cameras. It’s hard to tell if it’s a hack or a ghost. Let it be so, I don’t care. worries, “ wrote one man.

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