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Milky way burned holes like bullets. Many people can not explain this phenomenon


Our near universe is still unknown, full of unexplained phenomena and ambiguity. One of the previously unexplained phenomena was discovered only recently in our Roman Road. Scientists say strange holes are like holes.

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At the conference of the American Physics Association in Denver on April 15, Harvard researcher Ana Bonaca presented her latest discovery. It's a series of holes in the longest star of our galaxy, GD-1. how informs The portal Live Science, star streams, are often starred in galaxies, often coming from smaller groups of stars colliding with the galaxy.

Holes like a shot

In this band there were unexplained holes. Scientists expected the star stream to consist of one uninterrupted line to one hole. They were expected at a site where the flow began to spread under the influence of the gravity of our galaxy. However, Ana Bonaca emphasized that this star stream has yet another square hole. "Bodeč" edge resembles a shot.

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Scientists have run something unprecedented. So far, we know the most accurate masses of the Roman road

Ana Bonaca is still explaining this fact. portal demonstrative this phenomenon states the researcher and claims that it is something big, even several times stronger than our Sun. There is no star in this unknown mass, and Bonaca assumes that it can be a dark matter that is created by the collapse of another star. At the same time, it eliminated the presence of a super black hole, since it already exists in the center of our galaxy and its presence excludes the presence of another.

Research is not easy, but Bonaca does not give up

The star stream with suspicious holes is 30 to 65 light-years away. It was not easy to discover the discovery itself, because a strange hole is not a matter of classical matter. For this reason it is very difficult to capture conventional telescopes, at least not directly. However, Ana Bonaca does not give up and continues her research to discover more of these holes created by the alleged dark substance.

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