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Milan Lučanský

President of the police forces SR Milan Lučanský.

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Police chief Milan Lučanský has prepared a more stringent analysis regarding the anonymous criminal complaint to the protest organizer for a decent Slovakia. "After studying, I realized that there are differences between the information I get from the NAKA management and the facts.

They do not have time information, the supervisor has not correctly assessed the situation after it
receiving notices and other violations. So I ordered a check. For her
conclusions, "the police said on his Facebook profile.
The police published the status during the debate TA3, which was broadcast on previously broadcast
an interview with Lucian on Friday. That's why she performed in the show
police spokeswoman Andrea Dobiášová and statement by Luciana confirmed.
The president of the police said that she was at a press conference on a case-by-case basis
He worked only with limited information. "The parent did not correctly evaluate
the state after receiving the criminal complaint. They did not see the time information
and on the basis of irregularities, police chairman Lucknick ordered control and later
the conclusions of the inspections will take effect, "confirmed Dobiášová. conclusions
control could be after Lucan returned from a business trip,
on which it is currently located.

The president of the police said at the pre-election session that he was on
the organizers were made with six criminal offenses, four of which
the police refused. At the moment, they are live anonymously
notification and the one lodged by a particular person.

Lucian has already said in the past that he represents ideas
in the National Penal Agency (NAKA), led by Peter Hrašek.
But, because he is only a temporary police president, he does not want to be skeptical
organizational changes. For example, a player stopped investigating a murder
Journalist Ján Kuciak and Martina Kušníř.

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