Jan Kuciak and other journalists have won this year's white crows


The murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnířová also remarked this year's Whitewings. The Fair has been honored for the eleventh time by Fair-play Alliance and Via Iuris.

The entire edition was dedicated to the organizers of this historically important eighty years and to people who were exposed to exceptional exams.

Ján Kuciak and a group of investigative journalists received and received only one selective White Were. The organizers of this year's protests from the For a Forgiveness of Slovakia initiative especially thanked the Council of the White Horse.

Vrana for the press

Together with Janja Kuciak, the White Pigeon Council this year was awarded by Pavla Holcová (Center for Research Journalism CZ), Xéniu Makarová (Trend), Zuzana Petkova (exTrend), Monika Tódová (Denník N), Marek Vagovič (Aktuality.sk) (MSP ).

"We lived in the murder of John Kuciak in the belief that there is no loss of public life in this country. This event was such a shock to the company that we want to give up honor and the gift of Jan Kuciak.

So we did not want to add another story. The prize is also a reminder to the company that it will not tolerate development until now, but it has noticed signs of problems much before, "said Milan Šagát, CEO of VIA IURIS.

In particular, the Council appreciated Ján Kuciak's extraordinary human and journalistic approach. The disclosure of truth was more important than the desire for exclusivity and independent disclosure. He always linked colleagues to editorial offices and handed over his knowledge and experience.

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Vagović: We owe her Jan Kuciak and Martine Kušníř

"The media have long been involved in the work of the police, prosecutors and courts. Journalists like Jan Kuciak are also gradually changing, as people like Kocner or Bašternák are no longer inviolable. Today, the role of the media is rather controlled, that decent people do not satisfy and challenge the fairness of all drivers of politics and business, "said Marek Vagovič, head of the investigative team Investigation.cz.

We are all, in his words, obliged by Jan Kuciak and Martina Kušníř. "We must continue to refer and continue to fight for decent Slovakia. We must not resign because they would never give up. Another option is no longer possible."

You will not kill the story

According to Adam Valcek of We Were This Year, this year was tragic, but he showed how great this work is and that his results can be dealt with very quickly if the law enforcement agencies act. "We saw examples of war crimes, which were closed for the first time with the result that the act did not happen, but after the criticism, the journalists were reopened and hidden."

The award-winning journalists answered the question of why they decided to stay in the media after Kuciak's murder and continue their work. "I decided to stay because this would be the worst idea. We have to stay and insist to send a clear signal that murder can not be solved by problems and unwanted publicity. You will not kill the story."

For decent Slovakia

The White Bear Council especially thanked this year for the Slovene Slovene. Given that some organizers have decided to enter politics, and Bielavrana is a strict civil award, they can not be rewarded themselves.

"At a time when politicians greatly doubt the ability of people to unselfishly connect without the power of ambitions, which are supported by various rejecting media, we must let the truth hear, observe and promote the true form of events. Democracy will be threatened if we stop believing in the good and to have the ability to distinguish facts about lies, "stressed Shagat.


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