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HORROR: Karin Hayd: They've been overshot and robbed me!


On vacation, we leave primarily with the feeling that we want to close, relax, and do nothing. A few years ago, actress Karin Hayd was selected in Barcelona, ​​but one day the holiday turned into horror. Instead of enjoying a feeling of well-being and a strange country, she had to deal with falling and tearing.

As she says, there is no such person who would only spend on holidays on the beach, but when she visits a foreign country, she also wants something. In Spain it disappeared. "It happened that I was in Barcelona. Usually in the car a big fall, at the traffic light on the red. We were not locked, so it was our fault. In fact, it was probably the most negative, Karin told us in an interview and knocked straight to the forefront in order to avoid such situations.

Nobody wants to experience a similar moment and we can hardly imagine how to respond at this moment. What did a beautiful actress do? Like everyone. The man is in shock, he does not know what is happening first, until he finds out about everything, it's too late that you have been robbed for a long time, you yourself will be on the street. And it was mostly at night and it was in such a stupid neighborhood, so it was also bad, " She recalled unpleasant experiences.

Karin Haydu was very happy she had a vacation in Barcelona, ​​just to be robbed and nothing serious.

HOROR Karin Hayd: They fell

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At that time, even according to his words, she acted very irresponsibly, but she realized it with time. "And then the next night I decided to look for a purse if I threw it somewhere in that neighborhood," Karin says, but she knows she was lucky. After all, things were stolen and nothing serious happened to her.

Have you ever been robbed on vacation?

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