HK Orange 20 – HC Košice


In the final part, we did not get a real hit, so winning 4: 0 and three points is good for basketball hockey players. That's all from my side, I wish you a pleasant rest of the day.


The last seconds of this meeting are no longer interesting, so guests can enjoy the victory.


Home in full.


In the end, the game will be followed by a game of hosts who immediately settled in the attack.


Exclusion in HK Orange 20 (Havrila – 2 min., Hooking).


Netík tried to add a fifth goal, but was against Sklenár, who managed to move in time.


Home in full.


Šoltés was alone in front of the home team, but his stupid end did not have a problem with Sklenar.


There will be a game of hosts, but juniors can send pack in all rows.


Exclusion in the team HK Orange 20 (Jugan – 2 min., Hazardous game with a high stick).


Hockey players continue to dominate ice, but they are still looking for a recipe for the excellent Glacier.


Čížek had a fingertip on the blue line but the gladiator was a disappointment, however.


Galamboš is now well picked up between the circles from which he sent an unpleasant shot, but the gladiator still caught good.


The next ten minutes will be the meeting, in which the guests will have a comfortable lead with four hits.


Guests are still staying in the attack, but they do not have good shooting.


An inconvenient drop in the hill in the corner of the subway, after which it remains lying in an iceberg and obviously it will need the help of a medical team.


Čížek was in excellent shooting position, but instead of shooting he decided to play this, which is not a good idea.


The game stops one of the players from both sides, so keep them on the playground.


Rattlesnake now hides well to the attack area, where it even came to an end, but the Adriatic was attentive.


Minar went well in the attack area, but after the finish, Skorvanek went into the net.


Kafka had a good transition to the nice position of Nepíka, but his shot from the first did not change among the three stallions.


Guests are in full.


On the opposite side, Suja was located in a separate arrow, but his conclusion ended only on lumbar ice.


There is another youth challenge and Minarik was in excellent position, but Skorvánek managed to maintain a clean account.


Exclusion in the team HC Košice (Pulli – 2 min., Križanke).


Guests are in full.


The third third began.

In the second third, the visitors added two more accurate goals. Martin Lenďák took the lead after 25 minutes, as a result of Marcel Haščák's awkward, but ultimately successful, shot from the right.


The second third is over.


At the end of the second-third they had a challenging match, but they could not create a goal for the goal.


Exclusion in the team HC Košice (Koch – 2 min., Roughness).


At this point, the Nagy team has started out in the players in the lead. The visiting team tried to find a way to beat the goal.


The guests were now well-locked by the youngsters in the attack, but Brophey failed to shoot the alternating glacier.


Nike was in a good mood, but his shot was not found in the net.


There are many inaccuracies on both sides, so they are in the middle of the competition.


The speed of the game has decreased slightly, so young people managed to finish, and Skorvánek is still paying attention.


The buyer reached the goal twice, but his shot missed the necessary surprising and Skřivánek attributed another successful operation.


Pulli was now lost in the middle lane, but Fafrak could not penalize this hesitation.


For us, half of the regular time of playing and the result of 4: 0 for visitors shows that three points today will reach Košice hockey players.


Brophey got a good ball in the middle, but Sklenár managed to clear the pitch in time for a second time.


Kafka found free nets but managed to prepare the home team's defense immediately.


The guests are thus the fourth goal in this competition to confirm their dominance on the ice surface and fulfill the prediction forecasts.


Replacement HK Orange 20: Owl leaves the field, comes Sklenár.


The basket has reached the goal!

Guests add another accurate hit. MARCEL HAŠČÁK almost managed to make the score 10 minutes into the match with his audacious lob from the right.
Assistants: Eduard Šedivý, Ladislav Nagy.


In addition, there is another huge opponent in which the second goal was added to Nagy, but he turned in front of a goal before a great position.


Exclusion in HK Orange 20 (Havrila – 2 min., Kick-off).


The basket has reached the goal!

Guests serve the third goal in this game. MARTIN LENĎÁK's long shot really volleyed it a free kick.
Help: Petr Kafka


Haščák was well brought to the attack area, where Dudáš was shot in blue, but Ovečko is easily caught.


And then another forbidden release, and the game moves again before the Sheep, where it will be thrown.


Guests are still staying in the attack, and young people can only defend themselves due to illicit discharges.


Brophey did not have a good day today, often losing his footing on the muddy pitch.


The second third began.

In the first third we saw two accurate interventions taken care of by the guests. First, Ladislav Nagy pushed 12: 0 and Evan Brophey climbed to 2: 0.


The first third is over.


The final minute of the first third was no more interesting, so more comfortable hockey players in Košice could be in the wardrobe.


The basket has reached the goal!

Guests increase their preference. EVAN BROPHEY managed to beat the blue line just before the goal, and she did not have the chance to respond to this situation.
Assistants: James Lee McDowell, Eduard Gray.


The speed of the game has decreased slightly, but the guests still find it difficult to find a way to endanger the neck of the egg.


There are still hockey players in the puck, who have to set the campaign just behind their neck.


Brophey ended with a quick 2-on-1 quick attack but could not target the exact position and the result would not change.


Fafrák tried to squeeze himself a little tackle from the outback, but the opposing defense experts did not find the target.


The youngsters may now be accommodated in the attack, but after the wrong move, they have to defend themselves again.


Guests take the lead, and they are curious about how our young people will react.


The basket has reached the goal!

Guests will open the result of this match when they use a strong game. LADISLAV NAGY remained alone in the ring, from where he accurately showed.
Aid: Dávid Šoltés, Jere Pulli.


The first game is here for the guests, and the result could be opened by Soltas, but the door of Ovechko missed in a good position.


Exclusion in HK Orange 20 (Urbánek – 2 min., Križanke).


Koper now has a good package in the offensive zone, where he even managed to finish, but Skratvánek managed to master this shot.


A further attack on the young, although at the last moment in a good shooting position, the woman came into the game.


Nagy moved from home for the home team but failed to deliver a precise ID.


Spilár found a passage to the blue line of free huts, which shot the first Cheese overview.


Now, Nick was well attacked by the home team, but they could cope with this embarrassing situation.


Guests are in full.


The next attempt by the youth was interrupted by a judge who noticed offside status. It will be in the middle lane.


The first race of this competition was the return to their homeland and immediately they settled in the attack, and Skkorvánek was attentive and even had his whole.


Exclusion in the team HC Košice (Pulli – 2 min., Sliced).


For the past, hockey players in basketball who have not yet managed to create a clear goal.


There are many inaccuracies on both sides so that the pact fights primarily in the middle lane.


The game starts with the forbidden releases of our young people who did not understand when they were playing.


The meeting has just begun.

Both teams will enter the ice area and the game will start at a small moment.

Introductory sections:

HK Orange 20: Ovčar (Sklenár) – Builder, Golian, Boldijar, Nahalka, Benavka, Švec, Brincko, Romaňák – Minárik, Kollár, Fafrák – Lunter, Giertl, Juščák – Havrila, Čenka, Köver – Jugan, Urbánek

HC Košice: Škorvánek (Habal) – McDowell, Dudáš, Čížek, Šedivý, Koch, Pulli, Žitný, Lenďák – Haščák, Brophey, Nagy – Netík, Suja, Kafka – Spilar, Galamboš, Šoltés

Judge: Fridrich, Goga – Vyšný, Konc ml. – Konc st. (Video).

Welcome to web text download. There is the 22nd Round of the Tipsport League, which will be played by HK Orange 20 and HC Košice. The beginning of this meeting is scheduled for 17:00.

HK Orange 20:
Our youngsters achieved only 26:91 this season. In the last round, the home team welcomed the newcomer from Miškovec, but managed to reach a high of 8: 1. Miloš Fafrák, the most productive player in this group, reached 14 points (8G – 6A). Young people have only one point on home ice and therefore try to add even more in this fight.

HC Košice:
The guests currently have a 15% balance of 77:47 in the current season. With 46 points, they are in the second place in the table. In the last round of the home stadium they greeted Žilina, which they managed in a 3: 1 ratio. The most productive player is Ladislav Nagy with 26 points (13G – 13A). Of the eight hockey encounters, they managed to score 13 points and in this fight we would like to increase this number.

The favorite exchange rate is Kosice hockey player, who in the last match in this stadium had a clear victory 7: 1.

Welcome to online download. The meeting will start at 17.00.


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