Friday , October 22 2021

Google finds that Dark Mode affects the life of the battery


Google has disclosed its findings in dark mode and how it affects battery life. At the top of this week Top Developer Android Google has informed application developers about how and how you should do it to achieve the best battery life of a device user.

Even the colors

It is generally known that energy consumption increases in proportion to the screen brightness. However, the displayed color also affects the power consumption. Google has focused on this and stressed how a night mode can help save energy. Below you can see a comparison of tests with Google Pixel and iPhone 7. Both are AMOLED and IPS LCD panels.

On other charts below, you can see the difference in how much "energy" consumes the displayed colors on the full jaw screen. Another graph shows that the white, shown in the full jungle, is most "singing a lamp".

Google may have noticed its error – The color of the white color is the basis for their design of the material, which is not the most efficient way of saving energy. Maybe Dark Mode could solve this problem or use a different white color. Another option would be on the new Android Q launcher, similar to Android Ice Cream Sandwich – mostly a dark background.

Darkness can be of great help reduce energy consumption on devices with OLED displays, but the same positive effect is unlikely to have on LCD screens. All pixels on the LCD are powered by a single source, and OLED pixels are automatically lit.

Following these findings, I would had more popular Android apps for starting a darker way, or Google could update its material planuse more effective shades of color.

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