General Electric pays 1.5 billion USD for non-legal úvery


Spoločnosť denied a bad quality and a non-controlling WMC.

Americký koncern General Electric (GE) paid a 1.5million dollar USD (1.32 billion euros) for the mimosúdne increase of 1.55 billion euros, which was due to expiry of the non-performing hypothetical charges, which was due in 2008 with the payment of WMC Mortgage.

According to the US Department of State's admissibility of income from the charges, GE has denied the quality of the WMC checks, and it has been linked to hypothetical censorship papers, which are the predecessor to the investor. Subsequently, the agent of Reuters, Financial Electricity General Electric Capital, in 2004, purchased the WMC, which would be credited to three times the amount of the loan in the amount of more than 65 million USD.

In January, GE has been cooling down its earnings and said it will redeem 1.5 billion US dollars. Concern to the incomparable greasy wine. "It's going to be a bit more expensive in our business to bring GE Capital risk," he said. "This return represents a sustained success for the hectic company with the WMC, and it's harder for us, but we already know it better."

(1 EUR = 1,1321 USD)


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