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For the first time in history, scientists have managed to create life from scratch


Human skill and constant curiosity leads us to the people. This is also evidenced by the latest results of Cambridge University scientists succeeded in creating a life. The success of scientists was emphasized by

Scientists have created a life

Cambridge University scientists have fully developed DNA bacteriawhich behaves similarly to E. coli. (editor: E. coli lives in a large intestine of warm-blooded animals. Its role is to maintain the intestinal microflora and at the same time it is important to perform digestive processes). Learning the creation of genomes from scratch should help scientists find out how the DNA was formed and how to manipulate it to create a more complex life.

A little by little

Scientists led by the main researcher Jason China have succeeded to overcome the longest written DNA code, which had about 1 million segments. The bacteria they created are four times longer.

Scientists exchanged the original DNA of bacteria with each other and replaced the partially original genome. When the new DNA was in place, the bacteria developed into an unusual form followed by a slower reproduction cycle. Scientists, relatively inexpensive, could have created an artificial life.

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At the same time, research is also interesting from a different perspective, which opens up new opportunities for the production of molecules with completely new types of chemistry. Thus, scientists could create integrated cells in a more efficient way.


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