Saturday , September 18 2021

Elon Musk has revealed when Tesla will resume payments to BTC

Elon Musk has revived water in the world of cryptocurrencies. The CEO of Tesla renewed the topic of receiving payments in BTC and, among other things, revealed for the first time that his other important company SpaceX owns Bitcoin.

SpaceX has not yet made any official statement on the amount of bitcoins purchased. In any case, Bitcoin is not unknown to Musk companies, as Tesla has $ 1.5 billion BTC. We informed you about this important purchase in our article.

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Bitcoin, of course, responded to this important event with tremendous pressure from the bulls, but this story did not last forever. After negative media attacks on BTC, Tesla announced that it was suspending payments in bitcoins due to environmental concerns.

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Currently, however, the situation is just at the opposite end, as the strongest cryptocurrency has worked significantly on the issue of sustainability from an ecological point of view. The unpredictable billionaire Elon Musk also responded to this situation and announced it that Tesla is on the verge of re-adopting Bitcoin as a currency for electric cars.

Bitcoin is getting greener

The ecological issue of cryptocurrencies is increasingly being debated. For this reason, too, Bitcoin officials must constantly strive to reduce the environmental impact of mining. This issue was one of the main topics of Coin Metrics co-founders Nick Carter and Elon Musk for CNBC.

Discussion by Elona Muska.  Source: CNBC
Discussion by Elona Muska. Source: CNBC

In addition, the discussion was moderated by Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Steve Lee of Square Crypto. Musk came up with some surprising and as yet unpublished information about SpaceX.

“I own Bitcoin, my company Tesla has Bitcoin and yes, SpaceX also has Bitcoin. Besides, of course, I personally own a little bit of Etherea and Dogecoin. But we don’t sell anything. Neither I, nor Tesla, nor SpaceX.”

Musk expressed satisfaction

Musk also surprised with the T-shirt he was wearing. So relative satisfaction with the future of digital gold seems to prevail.

Elon admitted that its portfolio contains many more Bitcoins than ETH or DOGE. Musk commented, among other things, on the use of renewable energy in extracting BTC.

“I want to wait a little longer to confirm that the percentage of renewable energy consumption is 50% or more. If so, Tesla will continue to receive payments in BTC.”

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Nick Carter then commented on a recent Bitcoin Mining Council study that conducted a survey of 32% of the minerals in the BTC network. The result of the study was optimistic, as the sustainability of BTC is expected to increase to 67% in the second quarter.

“I think Bitcoin is a great means of payment and of course its environmental costs are offset by its exceptional utility.”

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