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Do you use Google Keep? You'll love this update


PHOTO: kaboompics (via Pixabay)

Google Keep is an application that, as its name implies, is used to create and save notes. She has many users who especially love her aesthetic abilities. And those users will probably enjoy the latest update.

The service is available in version 05.19.19., which will also bring with it a popular dark way.

However, Google's storage method will not look the same as for other services. In this case, a neutral white farm is replaced by various shades of dark gray.

PHOTO: 9to5Google

The darkest gray you can find it on the app's home page. Status and navigation panels accept the same color on Android Q, giving it a consistent look. The gadgets are adapted to the dark mode.

PHOTO: 9to5Google

When you receive the above update, open the settings and select the option to activate the mode Enable a dark theme. If you do not have an update yet, there is no need for desperation. version 19/5/19 it just started to emerge, which means that it does not go to the same speed on each device.

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