Do you choose a smart hour under the tree? We advise you!


Stanislav Štepka said: "Christmas is the biggest Christmas holiday". For technology enthusiasts this is twice as good. Are you thinking about what to buy under your tree near you, or do you want to be happy? In this section you will be able to shine on an increasingly popular smart clock, so that the person can easily lose his choice.


If intelligent watches are not the best gift for technology, see VIANOCE 2018, where every third day you find a lot more tips to Christmas.

After unfavorable beginnings, intelligent sales of watches are increasing. In the comparable period, it increased by 67% compared to the previous year. It is therefore clear that many will find them under the tree, while others think that they are being given by someone. According to statistics, Apple's watches are sold fourth, but are also known Fitbit, Samsung, Garmin or Huawei.

LookIntelligent watches: What is their true value and use?

What should I do when shopping?

Alpha and omega are the compatibility of smartphones watches. If the clock does not understand the operating system of the phone, it's nonsense. Most hours are trying to communicate with both systems, j. Android and iOS. Apple does its usual way, and its hours are supported only by the iPhone.

Once you check this basic image, you can run shopping electronics, search for a website, or read this article. Five models of different manufacturers were selected. You can buy them in Slovakia, so there is no problem with the service in case of failure, which can happen if you order an hour from abroad. These amounts are official, you can also enjoy a better price. If there are several versions of one model, we offer the cheapest amount.


The size of the watch can also be important. The picture may look thin and quite large, but the device, which is about one centimeter in hand, does not look nice.

Depending on the work and leisure activities of the future owner, see the required characteristics of the parameters. An active swimmer is convinced that he is satisfied if a waterproof clock with a suitable application is used, the musical lover has more internal memory. Sports designs do not need someone who survives most of their time in a dress, and the manual worker does not appreciate the elegant design, but the robustness and mechanical resistance.



  • Try choosing among the latest models, they are usually more compact, have a better processor, and longer battery life.
  • Is their future owner an athlete or a better athlete? Although manufacturers are trying to cover a wide range of sports activities, they can miss what you need.
  • Size is important. Not all models are available in two sizes. Think about it, especially if you buy it for a woman if the selected model does not work on her hand as an hour to watch an older brother.
  • If your watch does not have GPS, consider another model or manufacturer.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 has less power and better reach. Think about it because they can easily lose touch with your smartphone.
  • Will watching music watch? Do they support storing music directly in the phone's memory?
  • Do not forget to buy an hour for many years and people will create the first impression of the owner. It may be better to add a few more euros and do not bother about a cheap plastic piece on your wrist.
  • Calculate at least 200 euros.

LookSmart Watch: How and Where Can You Choose?

Apple Watch Series 4

from 429,00 €


Why buy?

Great gift for iPhone owners. They have the best parameters during a smart clock. The latest generation of Apple Watch has a 30% enhanced display, a 64-bit processor and a haptic digital crown. As the only one in the world that supports ECG measurement, this feature is not yet available in the US. They are sold in two sizes – 40 mm and 44 mm. Apple Watch 4 has the largest internal memory of up to 16 GB, which is probably the most enjoyable music lover. If you download it in an hour, you do not need to drag the iPhone with you.

The 1.7-inch LTPO OLED display with 368 x 448 pixel resolution features Force Touch with hardened Ion-X glass. The 2-wire S4 processor and the W3 chip have the power to ensure and ensure that the clock will not only be on the next Christmas. Apple Watch 4 is also able to identify crashes and help with the owner.

Apple Watch allows you to design plans and training goals. Auto-detecting the exercise removes the user from setting and turning on measurements. Waterproofing is ensured at a depth of 50 meters. They support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. They are sold in two sizes – 40 and 44 mm.

Why not buy?

Everyone will not let anyone € 429 per hour. When choosing a different brand, the user can buy two deadlines at this price. Battery life is also not among the advantages, although it is higher than the official state of Apple and LTE support for Slovakia is not available this year. In addition, Apple Watch is only familiar with iPhones.

LookI'm Apple Watch Series 4 and I can already measure the ECG!

Samsung Galaxy Watch

from 309,00 €

SOURCE Samsung

Why buy?

According to many, this is the most beautiful smart hour. Compared to Apple Watch, you'll save more than 100 euros. The clock has a 1.3-inch AMOLED 360 x 360 pixel screen that protects the cured Gorilla DX + glass. The clock drives the Exynos 9110 with 1.15 GHz, which adds 768 MB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Watch measures heart rate and can follow more than 39 different exercises. Connecting to Health Samsung will allow the user to better control lifestyle and sports activities.

The clock monitors the length of sleep, its quality and the sleep phase. Thanks to the built-in microphone and loudspeaker, this clock can also be used for hands-free calling and as a personal assistant with voice control Bixby. Samsung Galaxy Watch is waterproof up to 50 meters, supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC. They are sold in two sizes – 42 and 46 mm.

Why not buy?

Although this is not a clock with Samsung as desperate as with Apple Watch, they have the best understanding of smartphones, the world, from Samsung. See also before purchasing this page, where you can find official support. Internal memory does not shine, it only has 4 GB, Bixby's voice assistant is still a big disappointment.

LookSamsung Galaxy Watch – the best friend of any Android

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

449,00 €


Why buy?

These sports watches have a 1.2-inch 240 x 240 pixel screen. They work with buttons, the screen does not touch. Clocks allow you to capture various sports activities such as driving, cycling, swimming, skiing. Waterproof is here in 5ATM. With your watch you can create your training plan, evaluate aerobic and anaerobic effects, monitor stress or measure VO2 max (maximum oxygen consumption) and lactate threshold. The Garmin Forerunner 645 also resembles regeneration, so they can tell when and how long to rest.

Active use, including GPS, will last 14 hours of operation. In normal mode with the heart rate sensor activated, the duration is extended to 7 days. The clock has a NFC chip that allows you to make contactless payments. With your credit card, you can familiarize yourself with Garmin Pay.

These watches are designed for athletes and people who actively spend their time. The construction is therefore permanent and the watch does not only behave with showers, but also dives.

Why not buy?

Price. Gramin requires hours like Apple for its latest 46mm model, which also plays music easily and plus 16GB of memory – Garmin only has 4 GB. The screen has a low resolution and is not touch sensitive, but this may not be a worse position in sports or physical activity.

LookGarmin Forerunner 645 Music – An incredible sports watch with a music player

Fitbit Versa

from 199,00 €

VIR Fitbit

Why buy?

The clock also has a nice design and a 1.34-inch LCD screen. Waterproofing is ensured at a depth of 50 meters. They offer 15 sports modes, accompanied by calories, heart rate and sleep quality sensor. Fitbit Versa is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, NFC. Supported by Android, iOS and even Windows Phone. The manufacturer produces a lifetime of 4 days, both real and practical.

For the hardest part of the population, it is interesting to characterize the health of women, where women can record their cycle, ovulation and so on. Parental application warns you about spacing between changing diapers, feeding or sleeping.

Why not buy?

Hours do not have GPS. Bluetooth is in version 4.0. People have trouble uploading music on their watches.

LookFitbit Versa is an elegant and affordable alternative to Apple Watch

Huawei Watch GT

from 219,00 €


Why buy?

Huawei has long been a cheap Chinese brand but a manufacturer that offers very good quality and unfortunately also has a smartphone high enough price. Fortunately, the new viewer did not give the cut price tag, so this model could calmly become the hit of Christmas.

The clock has a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. TruSeen 3.0 uses 6 LEDs to measure pulse rate. The manufacturer turns on 14 days in "Watch" mode. Continuous use of GPS, NFC and impulse sensor will be reduced to 22 hours. Even these hours do not miss the sensors to measure the activity.

Why not buy?

Your LightOS operating system may have child errors, RAM is 128 MB of memory, and internal memory is only (!) 8 MB. You do not save music at these hours. Hours are relatively rough, 10.6 mm, Bluetooth is only in version 4.2.

LookHuawei Watch GT – 14-day durability, GPS, AMOLED and excellent price


If none of these models ever hit you, nothing will happen to you. The choice is much higher and you do not do anything by selecting the latest older models. For example, Apple Watch 3 or Samsung Galaxy S3 Gear. Fossil sport we can also ask a lot of users, but they are not yet sold, you can order them page of the manufacturer. You can also find excitement in our articles for smart hours.

Remember that the most important thing – it's not important what you give, but to think about your loved ones. It is important to enjoy their company, Christmas aromas and human beings. Everything else can be bought for money.


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