An interdisciplinary nomadic theater celebrates the 105th anniversary, and on the slabs of the SND will be presented the game Jánošík


snd 676x451 BANSKA BYSTRICA November 7 – The theater in the village of Medzibrod at Banská Bystrica celebrates 105 years of continuous activity. On this occasion, Medzibrod's nomad theater with Jánošík po Jozefu by Jozef Mokoš will be presented on the records of the Slovak National Theater (SND) in Bratislava in the direction of Tomáš Pohorelc.

As for SITA, the playwright Juraj Haviar from MKD presented the game on Thursday, November 9 at 19:00 in the CIS Study. The performance will also be associated with the baptism of the book "Things are happening in Medzibrod"on an interdisciplinary theater.

In addition to celebrating the 105th anniversary of this year's interdisciplinary theater, this year's season is also exceptional for the next anniversaries. 70 years ago, interdisciplinary theatrical performers played with Jánošík from Mahen-Poroda on SND boards. Mahenov's text Jánošíka was the work of the famous – Bielikov.

"Well, but our predecessors built the legend, we said we would break it. To have so many adults that we do not need Jánošíkov and Svätoplukov chewing on Phallus horses. There are real and real legends that have proven to be true. Even today, Jozef Mokos and his legendary Jánošík, who is at many professional levels, either puppet or dramatic, "Explain the current performance of the theater.

The favorable theater activity in Medzibrod began to form in 1913, and their first performance was the play Hora. Since then, the group has consistently been working with smaller, but even more, successes. The ensemble focuses primarily on original as well as foreign classics with a comic touch.

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