A great message for fans of fans: a famous guitarist was released from the hospital


The musician sat on Saturday night in New York at the Billy Joel concert in Madison Square Garden garden. After the exhibition they called for the backlog of medical personnel and then transferred them to the hospital. The aforementioned portal said that the musician crashed due to "allergies and fatigue". According to sources, TMZ Perry suffers from breathing problems throughout his life. A Twitter Twitter guy wrote a week later that he felt better and everyone thanked him for his love and support. His representatives had previously informed him that he had to return to the stage at the end of the month.

Anthony Joseph Perry is one of the founding members of the Aerosmith group, founded in 1970 in Boston. They currently have fifteen albums, and the last one is Music From Another Dimension! (2012). He also works in The Joe Perry Project and Hollywood Vampires. As an independent artist, he released recordings such as Joe Perry (2005), Have Guitar, Will Travel (2009), Joe Perry's Merry Christmas (2014) and Sweet Switzerland Manifesto (2018). As a member of Aerosmith, he was presented in 2001 at the Hall of Fame Rock & Roll.


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