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WhatsApp will soon get app browsing and search return features

WhatsApp is one of the largest instant messaging applications used worldwide. This is what, like other companies, WhatsApp tests its new features in the beta channel before it extends widely across the user base around the world. According to the new report, WhatsApp is now testing two new features for its platform, namely, browsing through applications and retrieving reverse images.

WhatsApp In-App Browsing feature

WhatsApp browser in the app

As the name implies, the in-app browser feature allows you to view links and pages within WhatsApp. This way, you can see the links you receive on WhatsApp directly without leaving the app. Unfortunately, you will not be able to record screenshots or screenshots while using this feature.

In addition, the browser in the application alerts users to websites that could be harmful or contain malicious software. However, those who are concerned about privacy should consider that browsing history is inaccessible to WhatsApp / Facebook.

WhatsApp Reverse Image Search Features

WhatsApp Reverse image search

If we go to the next function, i.e. Reverse Image Search works exactly the same as it sounds. Just like in browsing the app, this is currently being tested by the company. The Reverse Image feature allows you to download the image you received in a chat on Google. He will then spin across the engine to determine whether he has ever appeared online before. This way you will be able to verify that the image you received is true or forged.

In some countries, such as India, WhatsApp is an important platform for spreading misinformation and false rumors. This feature will help the company eliminate this problem from its platform with a significant margin.

Both functions are currently in the testing phase. They are noticed in the WhatsApp Android for Android beta and are not currently available to general users. Even the current beta version has not yet seen these features. In addition, there is no official word on when these posts will be published to the public. Stay with us for more information.

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