What is the best Mac App Recovery application?


MacBook Recording applications are a fun category that you need to view due to the variety of options on the market. There are applications such as Evernote, which aim to be "all" bucket and applications, such as SimpleNote, which treat only ordinary text notes. Then you have apps like Bear and Apple Notes, which aim to live somewhere in the middle. When I search for the best Mac app, I'm looking for a few different things: iOS syncing (and web-based, if possible), easy adding new notes, and simply finding existing notes. I used it dozens applications in the past years, and I have opinions on how the Mac application should look like for my use cases. Most applications offer free tests, so I advise you to check them. I'll run some apps, and then I'll help you figure out which one will be the best app for recording that you can try.

If you are looking for MacOS applications, your requirements may seem substantially different from those you want for iPhone and iPad. The iPhone can have the speed of launching a new memo. Apple can take advantage of Apple's handwriting on the iPad.

When looking at the best Mac Scheduling application, it's important for me: the ability to organize into folders / tags, the search speed, and the ease of adding new notes from other applications. Based on the experience I've had with my Mac app, I've come up with six great options, depending on what's important to you.


Evernote Mac

Evernote is one of those applications that I can not remember that it does not exist. It originally started in 2008 as an online service and has, in recent years, added to customers a lot of platforms. This is a great example everything clear. Evernote can download everything you want and synchronize it wherever you use Evernote.

Eventually, I hated Evernote and then I loved Evernote. My problem with Evernote has much less to do with Evernote, but more than just polished alternatives. I feel that OneNote is better everything bucket and Apple Notes is embedded in every Mac and iOS device. Evernote is not bad, but I do not like it. For me, this is only a service that has remained stagnant, while the others around it have developed. One of the aspects of Evernote, which is very well done, is its web browser to store information from websites.

Evernote offers a free version, but I would advise you of a paid upgrade if you intend to use it. That's $ 8 per month or $ 70 per year. The upgrade gives you 10 GB of monthly downloads, offline notebooks, emailing to Evernote and automatic document recognition (OCR).

Evernote can be downloaded free of charge to the Mac App Store.

Apple Notes

Apple Notes macOS

Apple Notes is embedded in every new Mac and the storage is included in your iCloud account (5GB free). It has some nice integration built into macOS, where you can add Safari elements to the right of Notes. Just like Evernote, you can add text, files, images, and more to notes. You can organize notes in folders (and subfolders), but they lack the ability to create new notes via email, such as Evernote. Because of this function, I occasionally thought about Evernote.

Is Apple's Notes Perfect? No, but it's hard to see where it will not fit the needs most people. If you have some basic needs, Apple Notes will likely work for you. The storage costs are built into iCloud costs, so you can create thousands of notes with images, files, etc., without worrying about running out of space.


Bear is a well-known Note for MacOS (and iOS) application with a simple design, a large set of features and robust synchronization. It reminds me of Apple's comments on steroids. Bear looks very similar to Notes.app, but includes many features that Apple has decided not to embed. and more.

If you real You want to like Apple Notes, but it's not enough for Mac to pick it up for the best recording application, and then check out Bear. You can learn the basics easily, but you can do a lot when you spend time with it.

Bear is a free app, but a subscription fee of $ 15 per annum unlocks synchronization between all your devices, more than a dozen themes, and export options.

Bear can be downloaded free of charge to the Mac App Store.


OneNote for Mac

On Mac, Microsoft Office has become much better in recent years. The Microsoft team spent more time and resources to make applications feel more homemade MacOS versus only cheap Windows ports.

OneNote is one of those applications that you probably have on your laptop but may never have opened. Actually it's really good. This is much more robust than Bear or Apple Notes and is more consistent with the type of application Evernote is trying to. It can synchronize almost everything and allows you to organize it in almost any way. If you work in an organization that is tough in the Microsoft ecosystem (and you use Mac), I do not hesitate to recommend OneNote as the best record for Mac.

You can download OneNote in the Mac App Store.


Simplenote is another of those applications I bought years before the iPhone before Automattic bought it. For a long time there was no version for MacOS. Users could use SimpleNote on iOS and then an application such as Notational Velocity on macOS.

Comparing Simplenote with something like Evernote or OneNote does not seem right, as they are completely different. Simplenote allows you to collaborate with others, supports Markdown and uses organizational tags. It's just for plain text. If you want to support pictures, manuscripts, etc., you will need to look elsewhere. But, if you want to collect an application for writing with plain text for Mac, I check it out.

SimpleNote is a free app for the Mac App Store.

Speed ​​of notation

With Simplenote I mentioned Notational Velocity and this is another application that you need to check. It can be synced with Dropbox or the Simplenote API so you can access your notes on iOS. This is a simpler version of Simplenote, which is more typical of MacOS. Notational Velocity is distinguished for speed and search. If you have hundreds of notes that you want to quickly sort out, then try (open source code).

You can download Notational Velocity for free.


When looking for the best application for recording on a Mac, you have to make a real decision what kind the logging application you want to use. If you want something for plain text notes, check out our Simplenote or Notational Velocity. If you want something for notes, images, PDFs, etc., check Evernote or OneNote. If you want something in the middle, I would go with Apple Notes.

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