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“We have Indian dancers”: ShopBack responds to reaction to “Indian dance” in TikTok ad, Singapore News

ShopBack’s latest music video may have fallen on April 1, but many didn’t take it as a joke.

In the video, which is supposed to promote their mega sales mechanisms and money back mechanisms, they danced in an eclectic rhythm in brand ambassador and local comedian Kumar and TikTok influencer Kevin Tristan.

It included a segment in which a couple and several reserve dancers donned traditional Indian costumes and repeated the campaign slogan over music coming from Bollywood.

While the entire video garnered praise for its appeal on Facebook and Instagram, Tristan’s 15-second solo on TikTok nerve-wracking users.

They labeled the recording problematic and slandered the company, saying “just because they have one token Indian celebrity, did they create this fake song“ Bollywood ”?

A quick review of ShopBack’s market insurance did not reveal any topics related to Indian heritage, culture or upcoming festivals, except that they were led by Kumar.

“This ad, it’s not true,” the user wrote.


In response to the TikTok clip, the user pointed out the lack of Indian dancers and doubted the need to present Indian elements if they were not to include Indian talents.

“You really have to do better.”

In response to the growing reaction, ShopBack left a comment Monday morning (April 5) urging Internet users to watch the full music video on its Facebook page, adding, “We have Indian dancers!”

The video was deleted a few hours later.


Tristan also posted an update the same morning in which he said he was suffering from a mental breakdown and would take a break from social media.

In response to questions from AsiaOne, ShopBack co-founder Joel Leong called this a misconception and explained that the company supports diversity and works with a wide range of content creators.

“Kumar played in this video, but only a small part of the video was featured on TikTok, which led to a misconception,” Leong explained. “We believe the whole video provides a better presentation.”

ShopBack said it has since contacted affected TikTokers to respond to their concerns and learn more about what needs to be noted during their future productions.

Kumar also told AsiaOne that he was standing next to the video and said: “[I] I am proud to be a part of this and I am creatively involved in it. ”

“I am strongly committed to promotion and inclusion in an inclusive society,” he added. “I invite everyone to watch the video in full.”

Cultural appropriation, again?


Many internet users have compared the Brownface scandal in 2019, in which electronic payment companies Nets and Mediacorp were involved, with local Chinese radio deejay Dennis Chew playing heroes of other races by darkening his skin and wearing a hat.

Above the video, police reports contributed, threatening both ministers and MPs, stressing the importance of maintaining racial harmony in Singapore.

Local influencers Preetipls and her brother Subhas Nair also posted an ad in their tail and asked, “Is this an app or stereotypes you’re trying to promote?”

The parties involved in the video have publicly apologized for their actions.

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