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Three years in prison for the head of the cosmetic salon who misused the maids; husband in six weeks, Courts & Crime News & Top Stories


SINGAPORE – The head of the cosmetic salon has tortured her maid for months, which forced her to carry out multiple self-harm, including pouring hot water and drinking dirty water mixed with detergent.

Linda Seah Lei Sie, 39, was sentenced on Monday (February 11th) to three years in prison after being convicted by local judge Olivia Low of guilty for misusing Mrs. Phyu Phyu Mar after a fifteen-day trial.

In addition, the Anew Me Beauty Aesthetic Salon Manager ordered a $ 11,800 payout for the maids in the Centrepoint shopping center on Orchard Road.

Seah must spend an additional six weeks for bars if he can not pay the amount.

On January 18, the judge found that he was guilty of five charges of assault and one of the points that caused the maid to drink infected water.

Seah's husband, internal designer Lim Toon Leng, 44, was sentenced to six weeks in prison after being convicted of assaulting maids.

He was made to pay $ 500 compensation.

The Singapore couple, who has a five-year-old daughter, committed crimes in the Punggol Walk apartment in August and October 2016.

The court heard it. Phyu Phyu Mar did not receive a monthly salary of $ 700 during her employment with abusers.

Its weight decreased from 50 kg to 38 kg due to food shortages.

Deputy State Prosecutors Sarah Shi and Jotham Tay said in their observations that Seah had recruited Mrs. Phyu Phyu Mar from February to October 2016.

DPP added that the maid was paid full salary only in November of the same year when it was forwarded by the Ministry of Labor.

During the trial, the maid testified that Seah had filled her with hot water twice – in August and September 2016 – because Seah was not happy with her.

The employer cooked some water in the kettle before calling on a Myanmar citizen to put something on his own left shoulder.

The maid did it.

The second incident happened after Seah became angry and charged the maids that he was too slow to complete the task.

The judge added: "Linda poured hot water into hot water and threatened Phyu Phyu Maru by saying that if Phyu Phyu Mar did not do as Linda ordered, Linda would shower hot water himself and inform the police that she Phyu Phyu Mar, who did it, and Phyu Phyu Mar would be sent to prison.

The maid was suffering from burns and bladders on her skin. Instead of taking her to the doctor, Seah gave her a needle and told her to pierce the bladder itself.

In addition to these events, Seah ordered mothers to drink contaminated water, hit her head in the ground, grab the hair of the Myanmar citizen and hit her with a mobile phone several times.

On October 13, 2016 Lim limped twice to the head of Mrs. Phyu Phyu Mar, after he mistakenly assumed that he had thrown his glasses.

The court heard that myanmarian citizen repeatedly accompanied Seah several times a week in her salon. This was one of the employees in the salon who alerted the police to the position of the girl.

The police went to the apartment on October 15, 2016, and Mrs Phyu Phyu Mar was taken to the Khoo Teck Puat hospital, where she was kept for six days.

Seah intends to appeal to her conviction, punishment and compensation. Its security was set at $ 15,000.

Lim will appeal against conviction and punishment. His security is $ 5000.

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