The Mexican president ridiculed a hostile crowd at a baseball event


MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who enjoyed a high appraisal of his approval in the first few months of his term, received a rare Sunday's announcement at the opening of the baseball stadium in Mexico City taste of the public. .

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador during the opening ceremony of the stadium Alfredo Harp Hel in Mexico City, Mexico on March 23, 2019. Press service by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador / flyer via REUTERS

At the evening opening ceremony of the new Diablos Rojos de Mexico (Mexico City Red Devils), Lopez Obrador carried cat whistles, boo and screams from the crowd at the stadium near the city airport. .

It was not clear why parts of the crowd were hostile to the president, but the confident baseball enthusiast attacked critics and laughed with his opponents.

"I will not say much because there are some fifi fans here," he said from the playground, using a term that was sometimes expressed as a "bubble", which prefers to underestimate critical voices.

"But most people are in favor of a change and for the benefit of the King of Sport: baseball," he continued when Diablos Rojos was preparing to play San Diego Padres.

Lopez Obrador, the left-wing former Mayor of Mexico City, took power in December after winning the election in July last year.

During the five-month transition, he quickly decided to stamp his authority over Mexico, committing that the economy from bottom to bottom and with its decisions, especially regarding economic policy, would stir some of the richer citizens.

His abolition of a partly constructed new airport of $ 13 billion for capital turned out to be particularly controversial on 29 October.

Since assuming power, Lopez Obrador adopted a solid national agenda in daily newspapers in seven days afternoon. The public was warming up, and its approval rating reached even 80 percent or more, according to opinion polls.

During accompaniment and applause, Lopez Obrador stirred phrases and rhetoric from his campaign to tell the crowd that he would fulfill his promises to overcome the defective "mafia", which is the main cause of violence, poverty and inequality in Mexico.

"We will continue to expose the power mafia to attacks," he said and quickly concluded his speech before opening the first solemn opening of the stadium.

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