The debate about Oxley's Road is perhaps far from the end – Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang play family home viewing online, 1 and half years later


Although the Oxley road traffic dispute seemed to have been concluded last year, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's younger sister suggests that the family feudal farther may be far from ending to continue visibly depicting paintings depicting a family house – the cause of the dispute – on their social media sites.

Last July, a family battle broke into a public domain when the young children of Prime Minister Lee Kuana Yewa were founded. Lee Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang have accused her elder brother of abusing her power to keep her family house against the father's desire to make the house a laugh.

They also accused the Prime Minister of calling the secret committee to take a decision on the house and alleging that they were used by state authorities.

PM Lee discussed allegations against him in a parliamentary debate where he stated that he had been cleared of all charges. He added that he intends to sue his brothers and sisters.

Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang backed their accusations against this subject, but offered a cease-fire to trigger further evidence in favor of resolving the case privately, provided they are not attacked or misrepresented.

But that was not all.

Lee Hsien's oldest son, Yang Li Shengwu, earned the rhythm of the General Attorneys' Boards (AGC) after publishing a private "only friend" post on Facebook, which criticized the government and the judiciary in Singapore.

When linking a Wall Street Journal article that offered a thorough analysis of the public Oxley Rd faction, Shengwu said in his own words: "Keep in mind, of course, that the Singapore government is very controversial and has a subsystem of a modern system. This limits what is usually reported by international media. "

He then linked the New York Times article on the censorship and the use of the lawsuits of Lee Kuan Yewa and Lee Hsien Loong to censor the foreign press.

AGC began a lawsuit against Shengw, Professor Harvard at the university next year, claiming that he does not intend to disturb his "happy" and "fulfilling" life in the US by returning to Singapore to deal with the legal process that was started AGC.

Both Shengwu's father and aunt publicly supported him. Dr Lee Wei Ling was particularly concerned with the use of government staff to monitor his family's private thoughts and suggests that this case could be an example of Singapore's ability to regulate the Big Brother system:

"I'm surprised that the AGC is reacting negatively to a private job. Is there a government employee who is bound to follow Facebook's activities on all people related to Hsien Yang and myself, including our private missions." What Shengwu has said is also a common theme among the Singaporeans who are well-informed. Is this not an example of "big brother governments." Perhaps this is an example "if the hat fits, take".

In October, Lee Hsien Yang – the youngest of Lee's three sisters – showed that PM Lee did not bother to solve the issues privately. His remarks were followed by PM Lee's own comments that family fights remain unresolved and that the trio has not recently been reported.

As he described the family conflict, which is in "failure", the head of government said: "I am not sure if he is saved," before adding that he is still sad because of the dispute over the family home of siblings, but he expressed his hope, that relationships with their brothers and sisters will improve in the future when "feelings are settled".

He added: "Perhaps one day, when emotions will calm down, you can move some movement."

The question of brotherly words, Lee Hsien Yang, returned: "Our brother says that he is not sure that the dispute is resolved. Whatever his public statements, Hsien Loong did not try to reach us in order to save us privately.

"In the meantime, the Prosecutor-General is left to the persecution of nephew Hsien Loong for his private correspondence. The AGC letters repeatedly refer to family arguments."

Earlier this month, Lee Hsien Yang got a lot of attention when he met with dr. Tan Cheng Bock, the former presidential candidate who was asked to run the opposition coalition against the ruling party – for breakfast.

While some were contemplating whether the meeting showed whether relations between PM Lee and his brothers and sisters remained acidic, the fact that younger relatives still represent the image of their family home in their social media walls may suggest that the dispute unresolved.

Lee Lee Wei Ling changed his profile picture on Facebook to this image in September of 2015, about a year and a half before the conflict resumed with a head in the public domain, while Lee Hsien Yang changed his photo on Facebook in a photo about the Oxley House in May 2017 – two months before his brother and sisters publicly pronounced allegations against PM Lee.

Both brothers and sisters continue to represent the image on their Facebook walls for almost a year and a half after they reached a ceasefire with their elder brother.

Lee Hsien Yang FB

I do not know what will cause Lee Kuan Yew more sadness – what happened to our family or country in Singapore: Li Shengwu


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