Saturday , July 24 2021

Solskjaer already planned the Man Utd team in PSG, Chelsea and Liverpool

The administrator-manager admitted that his attention was focused on Saturday's trip to Fulham when he wanted to prepare his team for next month.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says he already knows what team he will be looking for for Manchester United's big games against Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Liverpool next month.

The united lead to Fulham on Saturday to be able to reach the fourth place for the first time throughout the season, but they also have some great dates that will start on Tuesday with a visit to PSG at Old Trafford.

And while the manager-manager says that his players must focus on one game at a time, he admits that the difficult calendar that comes dictates is what he does in a short time in terms of team selection.

"Must. I've always been like that, "Solskjaer said on Friday. "I plan a lot, many weeks ahead of us, but it depends on shape, injuries, illness.

"Maybe it would change if you lost this game or won in this game, and maybe I will make a different decision because you always leave it until the last day.

"I have a little look at how the team will look against Chelsea, Liverpool, PSG, but the closer you get into the game in Fulham, you will be more focused on it.

»Players should focus on the following one, and Fulham … this is the revealer of the signs. The so-called big games, no problem, will take care of themselves. "

Paul Pogba Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Man Utd v Huddersfield Premier League 2018-19

Solskjaer adds that if he is on his side they are in order to make trophies, some players will need to take on higher roles on the site, especially as Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard.

"If you look at players, their age, they are young and they have a lot of development in them, but we also need experienced players to stay and step in and become leaders," he continued.

"Paul is now, Jesse … they are at this age where we expect them to assume this responsibility and not just a young boy floating around."

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And the provisional boss says he is convinced that his team can finish in the first four places of the Premier League despite the heavy workload.

"I am very confident that they show me that they have this character, that they have the conviction and that the quality has improved. We need to think about how we are improving. "

According to Fulham, United hosted PSG in the first leg of the Champions League match in round 16 on Tuesday at Old Trafford. They will then leave for Chelsea in the FA Cup on February 18 before accepting Liverpool in the Premier League on 24 February.

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