Scientists have said what pet plants are hazardous to health


The pupil said what kind of plant plants are fit for health

Do not forget that cacti are not harmless.Often, it can be said that working on a computer is useful to keep it in the cactus.

But it turned out that the usual cacti on the domestic cacti require special attention and treatment, writes with reference to the 24-course.

Head of Botanical Garden Institute RAS, a member of RAS Pavel Krestov, warns that cacti are not harmless. According to the crosses, the juice of these plants contains an impressively large list of various alkaloids, more than 120 species. These chemicals can sometimes have a very strong effect on the nervous system of people and pets and do not improve the condition.

The source of dangerous alkaloids is not just a cactus. The expert said that alkaloids contain rubber plants and poinsettias (also known as the Christmas star).

Starting in the spring of social networks, it's becoming fashionable to make a photo from a bouquet. Paul Crosses talked about what brings a wonderful bouquet into the house, it can cause serious health problems.

But, for example, a dangerous bunch of lilac? According to the expert, the rich scent of lilac is dangerous due to its volatile substances that contribute to the development of hydrocyanic acid, which has toxic potential.

It can damage the health of bouquets of lilies, cherries or lilac. These plants can cause headache, migraine and as close as possible to narcotic poisoning, he said.

In addition, you must be careful when handling the plants of the Solanaceae family. They can have a strong toxin solanin.

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