Thursday , July 29 2021

Robert Downey Jr. Shares Iron Man "Us" Fan Art

Every time there is a piece of art dress on the web, which is too good to not be noticed. In the case of BossLogic's exceptional authorial art, the work of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the goddess of the day, was recently drawn into the work of art.

Overcoming recently released film poster for Jordan Peele's We, BossLogic created a series of images with original Avengers instead We star Lupita Nyong. His latest artwork – Tony Starck / Iron Man – attracted the attention of Robert Downey Jr., who shared him on his social platforms.

As you know so far, Downey began using the MCU as early as 2008 when he appeared as the titular billionaire tech guru in Jon Favreau. Iron Man (2008). Since then, Downey has made the most appearances of all MCU characters and has been an integral part of the MCU over the last decade.

According to the statements Avengers: Endgame director Anthony Russo, Downey is often the adhesive that holds him together.

"Downey is such an exceptional player that we truly love him as an artist and what he did with the character," said Anthony Russo. His first arc in the first film was that he just started a step forward, and we continued on this journey in his journey, which he had to the point when he was very much at the beginning of Infinity War his personal life. "

"His relationship with Pepper (Potts) is now very high. Also the fact that he had this mentoring relationship with Peter Parker as if his personal life would become more full and more important to him than ever before, "continued the director, and his life as Iron Man is also a potential threat to this personally life. What is happening with Tony Stark in this movie is that he begins to feel the tension between these two things and that is a difficult fight for him. "

You can see RDJ next time Avengers: Endgamein which it flies theaters April 26. Other upcoming Marvel films include Captain Marvel March 8 and Spider-Man: Far from home 5 July.


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