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Premier League Tactics: Jurgen Klopp finally finds his perfect polygon in Liverpool and five tactical experiences learned from the Premier League Premier League


Chief Reds saw his team return to the right track in the title race, which was another interesting weekend at both ends of the English climax.

After a month in which nervous appearances and a drop in points showed that Manchester City and Liverpool felt the pressure of the title race, the games of this weekend have strongly rejected this hypothesis.

With easy victories over Chelsea and Bournemouth, they confirmed that the fight for the title would go straight to the wire.

Manchester United, for the first time this season, ranked first among the top four since Chelsea fell to sixth after humiliating at Etihad.

What were the main tactical lessons from the last round of matches? Aim Look at the biggest talking points …

Combat benefits from the Solskjaer approach back to the basics

Although Ole Gunnar Solskjaer dramatically changed the style of the Man Utd game, he apparently did not try to play complex tactical instructions in his team, but he handed responsibility to the players, while defending the individual term.

The return to a simpler style of attacking football was crucial to reviving the club, and the last example of his approach back to basics was that Anthony Martial was holding on his left flank against Fulham.

Where Pep Guardiola could beat things (see his unusual 3-2-2-2-1 against Arsenal, which would surely have broken apart regardless of the system) Solskjaer definitely does not; when he noticed Fulham's obvious weakness on his right back, he ordered him to simply sit on the side and straight to the defense.

Denis Odoi was frightened at the speed of Martial, continuing to support the French international competition until the wings for the opening opener, Paula Pogbe, were always in the 14th minute.

Shortly afterwards, Martial's excellent individual goal was made possible because Odoi left his side completely open and could not recover. Fulham is weakened on his right, so keep a quick player on this side stick and always give him a ball; Sometimes football is really so simple.

Anthony Martial touches GFX

PIC: Fighting matches against Fulham

The lost boy Kante is fighting again in the strict system of Sarri

Chelsea intend to put pressure on Man City when the sides met for the first time in December, mimicking the approach taken by Maurizio Sarri with Napoli in the previous season when Pep Guardiola had twice been upset in the Champions League.

Sarrie's new site could not do it at Stamford Bridge, as they found themselves in front of City.

Why was Chelsea so aggressively pressed in Etihad on Sunday?

It is a very risky strategy that will never be paid out. By pressing so high on the pitch, Chelsea dangled the city and forced hosts to rise. But, more importantly, this meant a huge gap between the defense, which could not be pushed higher than halfway, and in the middle, which uglyly closed 20 meters forward.

The city is excellent at a quick passage to beat the journalists, and when they avoided the first wave, this was a simple example of ghosts past the overburdened Jorghinh.

Italian team Jorginho was forced to retire from Kevin de Bruyne after turning a Belgian player in the fourth minute, and City opened the scoring from the last free-throw.

It seems obvious that Nolan Golo Kante should have a deeper role in addition to Jorghinh, but Sarri stubbornly refuses to adapt his approach. The bunting seemed to be lost, who was struggling to hold the ball in City's third and could not be tracked effectively.

New-look Aguero leaves Chelsea in the dizziness

What is most striking about Man City's attack on Sunday was Sergia Aguero's role in exploiting this gap between the Chelsea midfield and defense.

He dropped several times to the left of the center to the space where Kante should have taken the ball to his feet and turned harshly to drive in defense.

Aguer's second goal came from his smart move into this pocket, the fourth Man City, scored by Ilkay Gundogan, was placed by an Argentine player who picked up the ball in the left center and placed it wide for Raheem Sterling.

Chelsea simply could not get a hand for Aguero, which Sarri would expect to stay in front to challenge the center backs.

This was undoubtedly the most successful performance of era Guardiola in Aguero and a performance that illustrated a dramatic change in his style of playing under the guidance of Catalan.

Sergio Aguero Manchester City

The claw finally finds its ideal binding trio

They did not play too often this season, but Fabinho, Naby Keita and Georginio Wijnaldum proved on Saturday that they should be considered as the first selection trio Jurgen Kloppa in the central midfield.

Each player brings a different quality in the middle of the park, but all three are mobile and fast to the ball, which ensures that Liverpool can play with the speed and fluidity that Clopp longs for.

Fabinh's range of overflights, plus his defensive power, makes him ideal for display at the bottom of the center of Liverpool, while his subordinate balls over the top become a key element of contradiction.

Keita's ride through the center breaks the opposition line, creating an element of chaos that prevents teams from simply settling back and absorbing pressure. His ball for Roberto Firmino, who led a goal against Mohammed Salah against Bournemouth, was the transition to the game.

The absence of Wijnaldum felt deeply in West Ham last Monday, but he cherished it against the cherry three-thirds ago and unexpectedly appeared in the last third to confuse the Bournemouth Center.

Liverpool had little advantage at the London stadium, as Adam Lallana did not take up such risks that would determine Wijnaldum's intelligent, aggressive approach.

Tielemans brings the best of Maddison's fruits

Leicester City had an accident that he lost to Tottenham on Sunday after being convinced of an attack that should lead to more goals.

The January signature of Youri Tielemans made a big change in his style of play, as prosaic football Claudea Puela transformed into something much more urgent and more fluid.

Tielemans was the most advanced of the middle of the triangle in Puel 4-5-1, which meant that James Maddison fell deeper than usual. Consequently, Leicester had two central midfielders looking for a smart move forward and being able to knock the ball in the background of Tottenham.

Usually Nampalys Mendy slows down the game, but Maddison saw many balls deep in the middle and tried to get the wings in the match as quickly as possible.

If the match was only started by Jamie Vardy, Leicester could use the Tielemans-Maddison partnership.

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James Maddison touches the Spurs GFX

James Maddison touches Man Utd GFX

PIC: Maddison's touch against Spurs (above) and Man Utd (bottom)

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