NSF Liu Kai, who died in the Bionix accident, according to the military shipment


SINGAPORE: In Woodlands, it was quiet Tuesday (November 6th), when the full military military police of the late army in Singapore, Liu Kai, surrounded by a sad family and friends, lay in cubes before the military burial which is expected to take place in Mandai's crematorium.

First-Class Commander (CFC) Liu, 22, died on Saturday after a training session involving the Bionix vehicle.

He worked Land Rover during a Jalan Murai training session when the Bionix vehicle turned into its vehicle.

CFC Liu's earthquake took place across a block and a multi-purpose hall where at least 50 chairs were set up for the memorial service.

Liu Kai funeral Woodlands Crescent 3

CFC Liu Kai is a mother who is supported by her daughter, since his way to the Mandai crematorium is his way. (Photo by Marcus Mark Ramos)

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Before the start of the service, the CFC Liu family gathered around his basket. His mother, who now helped out of the wheelchair, looked at her son and cried uncontrollably.

So far, a small crowd has gathered on the neighboring block. One of them was crane operator William Mah, who said he was living there and came to pay his respect.

"Of course it is very sad," the 58-year-old said. "Such a thing should not have happened".

Liu Kai funeral Woodlands Crescent 6

The family, friends and scouts gathered to send CFC Liu Kai. (Photo by Marcus Mark Ramos)

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Almost a dozen members of the SAF army in uniform and black ribbons, some with their hands clasped at them, went out solemnly outside the hall. There were hardly any seats in the interior.

When the participants sang the reassuring Chinese Gospel song, the man who devoted the Bible raised his hand and prayed before he closed his basket.

Afterwards, the SAF patrons carried out a symbolized coat in Singapore in a white confection and greeted them, as family members watched and hung in under the plethora of black umbrellas.

When they left the car park, the family members stayed at the back and the crying of CFC Liu's mother became louder.

Military funeral of Liu Kai Mandai crematorium 1

The furniture that CFC Liu Kai wears when he arrives at Mandai Crematorium on November 6, 2018. (Photo: Howard Law)

At the crematorium, sweets slowly pulled out for a military band surrounded by hundreds of members of the army who came to the driveway and greeted.

The suitcase was transferred to a service hall where the ceremony was held privately.

On Monday, family members described CFC Liu as a warm and warm heart who wanted to travel on a missionary trip to Thailand to help those in need.


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