Named signs of hidden depression


Named signs of hidden depression

Depression may be perishable.

It is considered that a person who suffers from depression is depressed and feels sad and apathy. In some cases depression can be pernicious, and even the very person is not aware that he needs help. What are the signs of latent depression?

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If you notice yourself who can give you the opportunity to cry or, conversely, to reveal nothing, and such cases are more often repeated, there is no need to think of blaming your complex nature. This is one of the signs of hidden depression.


Attacks on a brutal appetite, or, on the contrary, full indifference to food and say that you are wrong. Watch out for them, probably by hiding your negative feelings.


Depressed person may suffer from insomnia, which only aggravates the condition. There are cases where a person does not have a problem with sleepiness and immediately asleep, as if to avoid problems. But dreams remain superficial, people still do not get enough sleep, although they sleep 15 hours.

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