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Motorola is a little familiar with the G7 series. Almost two years – Tech


Last week, Motorola introduced a new Moto G7 series. And this happened when I remembered that Moto is still nearby and is trying to move through problematic waters in the competitive segment.

Given that Motorola is confronted with the world and in India, we expect a lot from them if they want a reversal.

In the context, Moto presented four phones to the G7 family, viz. G7 Plus, G7, G7 Power and G7 Play. Powered by the aging Snapdragon 632, the G7 Plus opts for a slightly better 636 processor. They all have a sports slot of different sizes together with a back that imitates the glass, but it does not. These phones offer the same Android stocks that we expect from Moto, and the price list that matches. That's pretty much.

Sami, these are decent smartphones, but when you push them against the competition, they lose leadership. As I have already said,

Apart from the wrong prices, the lack of innovation and differentiation has led to the decline of many smartphones, and I am concerned that Motorola would be on the same line, where it will lose more space. About three years ago, I remember my classmates who bought Moto G4, which was an excellent smartphone for their time. It was a smartphone, I recommend a lot to get it. She killed a combination with fast software skin, reputable specifications and a very competitive price.

The question is that since then almost have not changed. The phones look the same, they feel the same and more worrying that they are working the same way. Hardly they upgraded the processor with similarly large batteries and a similar camera. For a company that strives to find its own unique voice, these steps are self-absorbed. For the past few years, Redmi, ASUS and Realme have captured most of India's budgetary segment, and in comparison with their offers, the Moto G7 family barely offers an opportunity.

Image: Mashable U.S.

On the basis of the price, the trend does not appear to be in their favor. You certainly have a better overall experience with these competitors, whether it's performance, design, or cameras. They were known for being "extremely fast" with software updates, but eventually they even decreased. Unfortunately.

They were known for being extremely fast with software updates, but eventually they even diminished. They try to grab a piece of the hardest pie without working hard. Much depends on the price of these phones in India and when they will actually reach India. The phone at $ 200 in the US is facing a tiny competition, but in India the jump to the toughest level.

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