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Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 5 already planned, the new Avengers will be very different / Movie


Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 5

The Studio Marvel panel in San Diego Comic-Con revealed the stage 4 Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, unlike previous phases, there was no big event as it was Revengeers. Kevin Feige an explanation why so soon after the committee decided to do so, and part of the reason could be to allow for greater progress in what is coming Phase 5.

After the panel, Kevin Feige confirmed that Phase 5 is already planned as part of the Marvel Studios' pre-planned five-year plan. And it sounds like it will eventually lead to a very different recurrence of the Avenger, as we have seen before.

In short with Josh Horowitz from MTV according to the Marvel Studios panel, Kevin Feige said that they actually thought about the announcement of more than 11 projects that will comprise the phase 4:

"We discussed what we should publish today. Should we announce 4 and 5? We planned them, we had five years on the road and I was, I think there are eleven projects in two years, because they have not mentioned anything for two or three years. "

This coincides with Feiga's assertion that Marvel Studios has a five-year plan for the future MCU that follows this year Avengers: Endgame in Spider-Man: Far from home. Initially, the fourth phase would be deployed in five years, but it makes sense that the fourth phase is only two years since the first 11 MCUs had three phases in this timeframe. In addition, it is good news that we already know at least half of the films that could be in stage 5.

At the end of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige quickly mentioned the sequel Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 everyone was on the move. But fans were most keen on the prospect X men in Fantastic four that the name has fallen, not to mention the surprising publication a Blade film z Mahershala Ali in the main role. But which of these characters will become part of the new Avengers repetition?

Although not Avengers Kevin Feige confirmed on the calendar that another person will be on the way, saying that the next Avengers team will be "a very different team than we had seen before", which will contain characters that we did not meet. This means Shang-Chi, Fantastic four and something X men Team members could be part of a mix if the next film about the Avengers does not come to an end of Phase 5 (assuming that the latter two teams are present in the MCU by then). But let's not forget that we have New Captain America in Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and the new Thor Natalie Portman on the way. Everyone would do great extras for the new Avengers team.

For now, we will only have to wait patiently and see how Phase 4 takes place over the next two years. black Widow will be the first new film of Marvel Studios on the arena May 1, 2020, and see what happens next.

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