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Long-distance love? SETI Just captured the quantum version on the camera


If you are not a quantum physicist, your direct connotation for the phrase "remote action" may not conjure up particle interaction images. Thanks to the SETI Institute's new effort from Mountain View, California, you can now see an image of how Einstein is known as the "spooky remote action".

The basic concept of remote operation supports not only quantum theory but also nature, and simply represents the real ability of an object to change, mobilize or otherwise affect another object without the help of physical or mechanical contact.

Although it may seem at first to be very sci-fi and unrealistic, Einstein's "spooky" label referred to his surprise in a seemingly straightforward way in which this action can take place between two particles, no matter how big their distance between them.

It is also known as the quantum complexity or complexity of Bell, when the physicist who laid the foundation for his early properties and uses, this type of physics has supported many of our modern encryption and quantum computing.

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Using a system that captured a series of complex photons from the source point of quantum light at various objects, a Glasgow physicist team gave a huge step forward in our understanding of the intertwining of particles. The appearance was visually depicted on materials in the liquid-crystalline state, which changes the photon phase as they travel through, and causes this scientifically priceless image.

Apps have made it possible to understand this exceptional SETI image that goes beyond the description. In the worlds of 5G and beyond, it can eventually mean completely unbreakable encryption and new ways of painting that they could not hear before. Einstein and Bell must be approved with quantum distance.

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