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Klopp makes a comparison of Messi when Southgate is stopped above Trent’s axis

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has challenged Gareth Southgate over his decision to ax Trent Alexander-Arnold after he insisted he did not understand the English coach’s thinking.

The Liverpool player was “sharply” dropped from the current squad for a triple header in the World Cup qualifiers. Southgate stressed that side-by-side doesn’t play “at the level it has found in the last few years ”. Instead, the Three Lions boss chose Reece James, Kyle Walker and Kieran Trippier as right-back. All three then tasted the action in victories over San Marino, Albania and Poland.

This decision was taken asked Ian Wright strongly, saying the verdict left him confused.

Now Klopp has joined the chorus interrogating Southgate and doesn’t look too happy when the call Alexander-Arnold.

“I was surprised when he didn’t get a call-up. I respect the decision, of course. But I didn’t understand, “Klopp said before the trip to Arsenal.

“I am a manager myself, every day, every weekend, every middle week I make decisions about the selection of teams and selections.

“We always make decisions that others probably don’t understand.

“If Trent Alexander-Arnold is not in the England team, England must have an extremely good team, so to speak.

“I have no problem if my players get some criticism. They can get it from me, they can get it from other people.

“I respect that Gareth, of course, makes his own decisions, but I still didn’t understand him. Trent Alexander-Arnold has been, at least, say the season before and the season before, a prominent right flank in world football for the last two seasons. That’s the truth and at an incredibly young age.

“He started the season with Covid and you imagine it took him a while to get into the season. But from the moment he was in the season, he was one of our most consistent players and an outstanding player.

“He was always able to play, at a high level, all these kinds of things, so that can’t be the reason he wasn’t on the team.”

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Klopp compares the situation of Alexander-Arnold to the Messiah

Klopp insists the situation compares to the legendary Lionel Messi. Although he may already be the best of his best, his talent means he is still the automatic choice for Barcelona.

“If you compare Lionel Messi every year with his best season so far, he is not performing like he did in 2005 and 2006. However, he is still the best player in the world. “

Klopp also insists that Alexander-Arnold can shine for England regardless of opposition.

“It’s about how you want to play. If you want to play against the deep defensive side, then definitely Trenta passes and passes. I don’t know anyone who could do like him, “he added.

Gareth Southgate, Trent Alexander-Arnold England, September 2019

“He is also defending us at a really high level. This is not his first skill, but it is not a bad one. “

Klopp also had to change his training sessions during the international break. The Reds boss actually said he was planning without him, so he was confident Alexander-Arnold would receive a call to England.

However, he was happy when Alexander-Arnold was motivated when he joined.

“After the recruits, we had scheduled sessions where the players doing their state duties had free time and Trent was in that group, just to show how surprised I was at it,” Klopp added.

“He trained at an extremely high level and showed a response when he didn’t have to. Trent was really “on” the sessions, so it was good.

“He really enjoyed the sessions. He is a very ambitious guy and I know he wants to be on the English team and will try his best to be there again. “

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