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India, Singapore, which marks 25 years of SIMBEX with large military exercises


India and Singapore have planned "unprecedented military exercises" between the Symbix (Singapore-Indian Maritime Twin Session), which will take place from November 10 to 21 in Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal, when the total drill is over 25 years old.

The Ministry of Defense has announced that SIMBEX 2018 will be "by volume and complexity" the largest since 1994.

The initial port phase will run from November 10 to 12 in Port Blair, followed by the sea in the Andaman Sea.

The second port phase from November 16 to 19 will be in Vishakhapatnam.

The final sea phase will take place from 19 to 21 November in the Bengal Bay. High-level delegations, including the relevant defense ministries, are also expected to observe exercises, including advanced firearms that mark a new high series.

"The 25th edition will see a variety of offshore drills from live weapons exercises, including many missile launches, Heavy Weight Torpedo (HWT) and medium-size pistols / submarines, advanced submarine training, submarine rescue demonstrations, integrated surface and anti-war ( AAW), unmanned operations (UAVs) and a helicopter on board that fly, among other things, "he said.

"The number of missiles and torpedo roofs is in fact unprecedented and perhaps the largest ever taken by the Indian navy with any foreign navy. This year, there would also be a story of the greatest number and variety of platforms that both sides will face," he added.

During the meetings of the silver jubilee, various professional and educational interactions, the 10 km "Friendly Run" between the annual Vizag-Navy marathon, social evening and joint cultural programs will take place in the phases of the port in the commemoration of the 25th anniversary.

The Indian Navy will be represented by the ranger Ranvir, INS Ranvijay; two multifunction covert frigates of the project 17 – INS Satpura and INS Sahyadri; project 28 ASW corvette INS Kadmatt; Project rocket corks 25A, INS Kirch; Ship INS Shakti; submarine class Sindhughosh, INS Sindhukirti; P8I Patrol Aircraft Patrol and ASW; Dornier 228 Marine patrol aircraft; Mk 132 Hawk AJT and integrated helicopters such as UH3H, Seeking 42 B, Seeking 42C and Chetak utility helicopters.

The Singapore Navy will be represented by two frightening frigates of the horrific class, RSS Formidable and RSS Steadfast; one of the primary mission of ship RSS unity; two corps of rockets, RSS Vigor and RSS Valiant; Archer submarine, RSS swordsman; Deep Sea Rescue Vehicle (DSRV); marine exhaust air Fokker F50; boarded S70B helicopters and Scan Eagle unmanned aerial vehicles.

The Indian Navy has recently introduced its own DSRV and has proven offshore capacity on the west coast.

The sea phase of this year's edition is carried out under the command of the last Admiral Dinesh Tripathi, an official of the flag, who is the headquarters of the Eastern Fleet, who will take over the coat of the commander's working group.

The installation team for the task of the Singapore Navy will be Ho Jee Kien, the escadrile for CO 188 for the marine phase 1 and Col Lim Yu Chuan, the class frigate escadrile CO 185 for the second sea phase.

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