In smartphones, Xiaomi will remove the bad camera


Xiaomi smart phones remove bad cameras

The Xiaomi brand is so popular around the world due to its affordable price along with decent hardware. But the quality of the camera is the main problem of all the smartphones of this brand. The company promised to finally solve this long-standing problem.

It's communicated today.

Xiaomi says the recently released Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix got a camera that was created with a completely new approach and managed to make progress: according to experts DxOMark, the new smartphone will not deteriorate the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. However, this approach is very expensive , because it was used only for one smartphone.

Head Xiaomi has promised to publish high-quality cameras for smartphones, need technology and a laboratory that is already in the development that employs more than a thousand company experts, but this is not enough.

There is also a rumor that Xiaomi wants to acquire Mito, which is known in China as the "smartphone manufacturer, with a focus on decent photomoralm". Experts say that the purpose of future deals for Xiaomi is access to patents and models owned by Myth, namely related camera algorithms and AI technology to improve the photos.

If the deal is resolved, a number of smartphones Xiaomi will improve the camera in 2019.

Previously, in 2018 it was named the best TOP 10 smartphones.


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