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Bibiano Fernandes
One World Cup World Cup champion Bibiano Fernandes from Brazil – ONE CHAMPIONSHIP

HAD, when he first met in the cage of the ONE championship, ruled the world championship in the debut champion Bibiano "The Flash" Fernandes, while still convinced that he can do the job, he thinks that Kevin's "The Silencer" "Belingon is set to face him when this week is re-arranged in Singapore.

As the main event at the club "ONE: Heart of the Lion" on November 9th at the Singapore Hall, Brazilian Fernandes is confronted with Philipine Belingon, the first world champion in the bouquet, for the first time they met more than two years ago.

The upcoming battle is a comeback battle between the two best fighters in its division in the ONE championship, Asia's largest sports media player.

In the first meeting titled "ONE: The Dynasty of Champions" in China in January 2016, Fernandes (22-3) completed a short work by Mr. Belingone (19-5), who in the first round submitted a kimura and successfully defended his title.

In the lead up to Heart of the Lion, the Brazilian champion said he had all the intentions to repeat the Team Lakay team and continue to hold the dog that he has with him since 2013.

However, he quickly said that he expected Mr. Belingon to give him a more difficult challenge, armed with the hours he had gained from the previous fight.

"Kevin Belingon has improved immensely, and I've seen him grow up in the last few years as a competitor. I know that Kevin will be a completely different fighter in our revenge," said Mr Fernandes, an opponent who, from his defeat to The champions' hands reached six victories.

"Nevertheless, I am very convinced that my skills are enough to hit him again, yes, it's dangerous, but I will monitor the pace of this fight and the result." Kevin Belingon will not take it for granted and I've been training harder than ever before I am convinced that in Singapore I win over my best version, "he added.

Mr Fernandes rejected the announcement of how the fight would end, but said as the world champion he would take advantage of all the opportunities that would be presented to him, and to win.

"I kept this world title for a long time and now I will not deny it. I'm ready to go in five rounds, but I'm also ready to end a knockout fight or a show when it is an opportunity. I look forward to seeing 9 November, "he said.

Both Miss Fernandes and Belingon are coming out of victory over a similar enemy in world champion Martin "The Situ-Asian" Nguyen.

Mr Fernandes has overcome Mr. Nguyen, also a former lightweight champion, with a decision to split in March this year, while Mr Belingon unanimously decided in July.

Fernandes versus Belington is said to be the main characteristic of Heart of the Lion in the clash with champion champions during the women's championship in the championship "The Panda" Xiong Jing Nam from China and Angela Angela's "The Unstoppable" Lee from Singapore.

Unfortunately, it was announced on Monday that the battle between Misses Xiong and Lee would not be pushed for the back injury that Mrs. Lee had met late in the training session.

In place, Mrs. Lee's brother, Christian, will perform in the main event against the Japanese Kazuki Tokudoma in a semi-circular battle. – Michael Angelo S. Murillo


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