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Until then Avengers: Endgame Our favorite super heroes of the Marvel will beat Thanos and prevent snaps. This is the future in which they win: Doctor Strange said so back Military infinityand this is the story that Marvel will say. However, to undo the snap and revive all the victims, including some of our favorite MCU heroes, the remaining Avengers will sacrifice a great deal.

We know that they will "do everything they need" to do the job, which means that you should not be surprised if you notice all kinds of heart moments in the entire movie, including unexpected deaths (which may not necessarily last) . Someone who claims to know the film story says that we should expect the heroes to die in the first half of the film. It's interesting that you are not the one you would expect, but before we share this information with you, we will need to remind you that below are important spoilers, if this story is true.

Reddit Nete_Cobra says that his close friend worked on the production of the film and that he shared the film with him. His report on the first half of the film contains the scenes we expect in the film, thanks to what Marvel has so far shared about the film.

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However, it also shows that we are quite early in the film for the heart moment. In his opinion, Captain Marvel and Thor died in two great battles with Thanos. Here's his full account of the first half of the year Final game:

They meet Captain Marvel, they meet again at the Avengers headquarters and intend to go to Thanos.

Tony and Nebula walk around the space, Nebula and Tony have the last spark of hope and use the Nebula and Tony armored parts to fix Benatar just enough to make a leap into the solar system. T

Tony looks into the sun and comes to Earth. Some Avengers hail them, Tony is in terrible form, a mist and a rocket talking about falls.

The missile fixes conversations between Benatar, Tony and Banner at the hospital, and both are outside; they do not want to go to the garden to fight Thanos. The other energy tip they register is Thanos, who is trying to destroy the Gauntlet.

Cap America, Cap Marvel, Thor, Rhodey, Rocket, Black Widow embark on Benatar and drive to Thanos Garden to fight it. Thanos got involved in the fight, Thor wounded him, and captain Marvel intervened to hit him.

Thanos feels overwhelmed and uses Gauntlet to paralyze all Avengers. Meanwhile, he forced them to see how Marvel's inflatable inflated. Captain Marvel got KIA.

Thanos flees, and he left the rest of the villagers, destroyed. The Avengers return to Earth when they feel that they have moved away and lost hope. Thor and Rocket go into space, Cap and Rhodey create support groups,

Tony's PSTD gets worse and begins to build more armored brands, and Banner faces difficulties with Hulk. Time jump, 2 years for accuracy.

The black widow hears rumors of Hawkeye, and she goes and searches for him, mankind collapses. Ant-Man emerged from the quantum kingdom and went to the Avengers headquarters. He and Tony speak of the kingdom of quanta and about how he traveled in the time until the 1970s and received help from Tony's father and Hanka Pyma to return to the present time, delivering the message to Tony from his father as a proof of his journey. time.

They talk about how timers are taking place and how they can travel over time without changing too much of their time frame. Stark begins to build an electronic Infinity Gauntlet and some Quantum Realm clothes for other Avenger; The presumption is to re-read some important points in the Avengers story to collect stones. Each time they jump to a time period, they create new time lines that will exist along with the main time-line, alternate dimensions.

Thanos observes this in a way and jumps up with his fleet on Earth, makes an orbital strike that destroys Avengers's seats and a large piece of land. Thanos faced Tony, Cap and Thor. Thanos is looking for Stark's glove because he destroyed the original and original Stones. He sends brokers to find a glove, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Rhodey, Rocket and Ant-Man fighting in soles.

At some point in the Thanos battle with Thor's attack and killing him, Hulks appears in rage, he and Thanos find themselves in an epic battle, but again defeated, Cap can not believe what is happening, and Tony grabs him and escape, and Tony grabs him and escapes. with Stark

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In a subsequent comment, he said Captain Marvel had been thrown out, but he would return to the end of the film:

Captain Marvel is washed, but apparently he returns to the end of the film, the final act of the film is the walnut, the great villain is craved, Hulk loses his hand, and some other Avengers die when they want to keep Thanos. 4 original Avengers Dies, Thor, Cap [America?] they are sure he did not tell me what else. The ultimate battle is against Thanos, but he escapes with Space Stone. He said something about Thanos being the guardian of this stone. There's nothing crazy in the film, like X-men and Adam Warlock, but some surprises, including Coulson.

He also described Thoro's death in detail, which is clearly very sad:

With this conspiracy, is there another leak? So … Now, two people are saying the same thing, I did not know that. I'm not trying to be "legit". I had a sense. That's why Captain Marvel is not in the band after the jump of time. Thor makes an army and leaves it to Valkiri that he is in charge of this, and the people of Asgard before he dies (That's why he goes to space with Rocket). He told me that Thor's murder was very sad. And that's why Chris Evans said that the trailer is a visual spoiler, everything is in these trailers.

Marvel has already confirmed that Captain Marvel will become the new leader of the Avengers Final game, so that her death can only be temporary. Assuming that these plots are real, it would not have been unexpected that Captain Marvel would die early in the first act of the film – a reminder that you need to do all that is necessary to overcome Thanos – only to make it one once revived when Avengers will have the opportunity to manage Gauntlet.

Regardless of what this alleged leak of the plot says, we know that toy companies have created an electronic toy, which seems to be what Tony Stark will do at some point during the film. On the latest television spot, Marvel also suggested that some of our favorite heroes might be dead when many of them wear new Quantum Realm clothes. Heroes, including captain Marvel, Thor and Hulk, have left no scenes showing heroes in new white uniforms, although Hulko's presence is irritated on a different scene.

With this you should take everything with a large piece of salt.


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