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SINGAPORE – The cleaner, who was killed on Friday (March 22nd) after a taxi he saw on Alexandrova Street, was a cold mother and woman who expressed love in her calm manner.

The 66-year-old would have waited for her two daughters to return home every night before visiting, and she was up to her husband for more than 40 years, said her young daughter, a 30-year-old Mrs. Lim, who works on sale.

The accident ruined the whole family – especially the 64-year-old victim's husband – said Mrs. Lim, who refused her name and wanted her mother to be known as Madame Teng.

"My father is the most affected … Whenever he sees my mother's body on his chin, I would quietly go to one side to cry," she said, her eyes tearing as she spoke to The Straits Times (ST) on her Mom is Sunday night.

The 72-year-old SMRT taxi driver is at Madame Teng on Friday at 7 pm and another 32-year-old woman. Preliminary investigations have shown that the person had lost consciousness before the accident, police said.

While another woman reportedly recovered, Ms. Teng died of injuries at the hospital around 9 pm, Lim said.

She said that the family learned of a fatal accident and Madame Teng near midnight and that she could not see her last time.

"We are all very ruined," said Lim, adding that the family now wants answers about how the accident happened.

They also did not hear about the accident from SMRT, Lim said, as the family found it difficult to believe that the representatives of the transport company still had to contact them.

Mr Lim says the family watches and examines videos of the accident that other drivers have taken and distributes to them via social media.

"I can not accept this. The whole disaster seems so dramatic. I want to know how the investigation is going on," she said, adding that she hoped that the video of the accident would be seen in the car driver's cab driver.

In response to ST questions, SMRT, Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communications, Margaret Teo says: "On Sunday night, we reached the family of the deceased. in this difficult time. "

Earlier this month, the driver of the ComfortDelGro taxi fade during a drive along the east coast of Parkway and collided with a mid-divider. His passenger stepped out of the highway.

Then ComfortDelGro said that the cab was "darkened" for the moment, and when the driver realized that he had realized that his passenger had run out.


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