A new video offers a rare look at the little-known Apple gadget from 1993, never released by Business Insider


Sonny Dickson
  • A new video shows the WALT protocol of 1993.
  • Like the iPhone, WALT wanted to combine many elements of the phone and the desktop computer.
  • The recently released video shows a number of main features of the device, such as phone book, fax system, and bank management software.
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Long before Steve Jobs introduced iPhone in 2007, described as an "iPod, phone and Internet communicator" in one, Apple clearly experimented with the ways to combine elements of phones and computers.

This is evidenced by a new video of an unpublished Apple device called Wizzy Active Lifestyle Phone or WALT, which was published on April 9 by prominent technology blogger Sonny Dickson. the prototype still managed to sell for $ 8,000 on eBay in 2012.

While W.A.L.T. it was not intended for a mobile device like the iPhone, it includes a number of familiar features popularized by the modern smartphone and other early mobile devices.

It supports touch entry, includes features such as address book, and it seems to have been designed with the idea of ​​using the company. The video shows how W.A.L.T. can be used to send faxes and manage bank accounts, and operated on Apple's Mac System 6, notes Dickson.

Watch the video below.


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