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A mechanical error caused mailboxes to leave mail: SingPost


SINGAPORE: Letter boxes in the Bedock apartment block remained open due to a mechanical fault with a latch mechanism, they said in Singapore on Monday (February 11th) in Singapore (SingPost).

The incident was first highlighted by Twitter user Tan Hui Yi last Friday. Mrs. Tan posted pictures of the bank of the mailboxes on the Block 621 Bedok Reservoir Road road, where the main door remained open.

"The postman did not lock the mailboxes on the Bedok Resorvoer Block 621 road," she said. "They are wide open and anyone can access items in the appropriate mailboxes of the population."

In response to her tweet, SingPost announced that the other person contacted her and that the Postal Agency's inspector "locked the main door securely".

In response to Channel NewsAsia's inquiries on Monday, SingPost's spokesman said: "The party informed us of the situation at 8:20 pm on 8 February 2019.

"We immediately sent our Post Inspector to investigate. Arriving at the location at 9 pm, Our Post Inspector discovered that there was a mechanical error with a locking mechanism and made some temporary repairs to protect the main door."

The post office added that she had since sent another team to fix the latch.

Mrs Tan's father told Channel NewsAsia that she came across open mail boxes on Friday at 5.30 pm.

"I just went to check if my letters were in my box," said Mr Tan. He added that he saw "some neighbors" that were collected by mailboxes, with one part of his main door open.

Mr Tan said he tried to call SingPost, but he could not get through, so he sent a daughter of a photo to get in touch with SingPost.

He said that he later saw an employee of SingPost, who dealt with this issue at 21.30.

"Everyone can just go through the mailbox and take a letter," he said. "This service needs to be improved. I do not think this is a small matter. Anyone who can take a letter can not be a small thing."

SingPost has recently been the focus of attention because it did not meet service standards.

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The postman was arrested last month when a resident of Ang Mo Kio published photos that were not closed, including government letters found in the waste bin.

SingPost was fined $ 100,000 last week because it did not meet the standards for delivering basic letters and recommended mail in 2017.

It could deal with further regulatory measures, as the authorities will review its delivery of letters for 2018, said Sim Ann, Minister of Communications and Information, in Parliament on Monday.

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