We are not afraid of Portugal, we have an idea of ​​how to stop Ronald


Krstajic: Portugal is not afraid of us, we have an idea how to stop Ronald

Serbian selector Mladen Krstajić highly appreciates the quality of the Portuguese national team, but says his choice will try to face a strong opponent just as he did recently in a friendly game with Germany.

Presentation that leads Fernando Santos After the start of the rally with Ukraine, it has a big imperative.
"It's Portugal favorite in the group, we are very much appreciated, but we are not afraid. We are weakened, but oYou have shown properties in Germanyt. They showed that they were very disciplined, as well as this the atmosphere is really good. We are in the mood, we believe in it be quality match and I hope the best. It's okay they be under pressure, but we are because it's playing for points. This is the current European champion, who has a very good team" , he said Krstajić in Lisbon.

Krstajic close to the decision: In Portugal, Jovic and Mitrovic

Eagles officially start to qualify for the European Championship. But Mladen Krstajić hides its adjectives and does not want to copy Ukraine.
"Ukraine has its own model, like Portugal and Portugal Serbia. We will not look at others, already Right that it would be better. We are also familiar with our, but also with their mistakes, and we want to find them as much as possible. We are confident in our own quality, we want to play the best possible and be the most concentrated ".

The absence of several injured players is a serious obstacle, but he looks forward to the return of Tadic and Mitrovic.
"Bez opponent, we want to play even better. The model from Germany is what we are pursuing in the future, we want to keep good things, this is a bad idea to reduce. After 20 years, we will face the European Championship..

How is Cristiano Ronaldo?
"We have some ideas and methods to try and stop this, but it is very difficult to analyze such a player and such a star. But It's possible and the best player in the world, That's right superfluous Anything on the commenthe said Krstajić.

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