Vesic: Stricter strikes for those who falsely excite citizens Belgrade


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November 16, 2018 14:41 |

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Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic has urged to tighten legal regulations and stricter penalties for persons who are citizens with false notifications of bombing at various locations in the city

Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic urged to tighten legal regulations and stricter penalties for persons who warn citizens of the wrong notifications of bombing in different locations in the city.

On TV Studio B's visit, he said that the police received a warning Friday morning that bombs were placed in the buildings of the City Assembly at the Nikola Pasic Square and Dragoslav Jvanovic Square and in the House of the National Assembly.

"It turned out that the reports were incorrect. Early in the morning security officers on the spot and coordinated action, police and anti-religious units have examined all the buildings that the employees can return to work," Vesic said.

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He stressed that people who do this must be seriously punished and in this sense the law must change, the City Information Office announced.

"It's not a regular phone call, but it's about spreading false stories and endangering people's safety, and this is a lot of material damage, because employees in these institutions must leave the building until the premises are examined. When someone is serious he will be sentenced to prison, he will not repeat it again, "Vesic said, adding that it is necessary to narrow down the penalties because no one can play with the safety of citizens.


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