UBIO CHILDREN WILL BE TAKSIRAN Bahati thief, who hit a teenager with a stolen car, will be responsible for three crimes


Police hide the dayPhoto: Uros Arsic / RAS Serbia

39-year-old Milan Zuric hit two friends – Srdjan T. (16) and Martina T (23) in a traffic accident that occurred around 11 pm on Saturday night between Saturday and Sunday. From the blow, the teenager died on the spot, and the elderly had injuries. The stolen car was soon found, and Zirić was arrested in Pirot while riding a taxi!

Milan Ciric, 39, who killed a minor Srdjan Đ. (16) and Martini T. (23) most likely tomorrow before the prosecutor. As Blic learns, he is charged with three criminal offenses – a difficult part against traffic safety, an inability to help a damaged person in a car accident and unauthorized use of another vehicle.

Photo: Mladen Šurjanac / RAS Serbia

According to unofficial information, one of the teenagers on two points was chained to the car of Zirić after a blow, but he did not even try to stop him, but continued to flee from the scene of the accident.

He was arrested in a taxi

A crazy ride, which took the life of one child, began when Ciric stole the car fiat bravo on the same evening in Dragoljub Milenković Street. The stolen vehicle was visited by the surrounding villages, but unfortunately, at the exit from the village of Blato, unfortunately, they came across unhappy teenagers.

Photo: A. Dimitrijevic / RAS Serbia

To make things even more sad, Ciric stopped to see what happened to the boys and could have helped them. Some local media reported that the dual plug for his car pulled a few kilometers, leaving visible traces along the way. In the meantime, Srdjan's boy was born, and his friend Martin had minor injuries.

The police later found a stolen car in the middle of the road, with visible injuries, and Zirić was fastened with foxes when he drove into a taxi, which he probably tried to help. According to the local people, all, as well as the police, knew Milan Ćirić well. It's a very disturbing man called Papundek.

As neighbors said, this section often leads to an accident and it is not uncommon for young people to lose their head due to neglect of other road users.

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