Tuesday , October 26 2021

Trinkeries: We started as drunk, we have to dig


Partizan players won Cibona 86:67 in the derby of the seventh round of the ABA league

PHOTO: D. Žarković

Basketball coach Partizan Andrea Trinkijeri said that his players against Cibona started drunking and stressed that they should not play against the stronger teams.

– If we think that we are playing against the future and the stars … We are young, but we have to learn that we can not open the game this way. We started as drunk. It's a bit early to drink in the afternoon. It was a good time, but if we think of it against the stronger teams, I'm sorry for the fans and the players – he said Trinkeries to journalists in Belgrade.

Partizan players won Cibona 86:67 in the derby of the seventh round of the ABA league.

Black and whites are the third consecutive victory, as Trikeers sat on the bench of the club.

– I'm not happy, honest. I told the players that it is necessary, but we have to be real … I'm paid to make the players better. Everyday – he said Trinkeries.

Partizan's coach said that he could play in the atmosphere in the "Aleksandar Nikolic" hall, but he also emphasized that his team should be better.

– I thought about Trent, that's it. Who – even better. In this hall it is easy to play with energy and we can always breathe in. This is not a tournament in junior. We need to quickly understand what is a serious, professional basketball … We have 20 differences, but this is not enough because there is a way for the team to go on the field. The first requirement was to dig, but now we have to play better basketball both in defense and in attack.

Disappointed with what happened to Anthony Brown, he briefly replied:

– He sat on the bench, the coach's decision.

Then the question was followed – with the captain Novica Veličković?

– We have a deal. I told him to return to his best body shape, to work every day, and when he was ready, he would return. He had many physical problems. We need an experienced player, but I was happy to train and how, as a captain, it helps the team he said Tinkers.

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