THERMAL PLAN OF THREE LIDERS OF THE DANGEROUS FEDERATION FOR SERBIA! VIOLENCE ACCEPT HAOS: they will cause clashes and accuse the army and police of disorder! | News


The opposition, led by the President of the Union for Serbia (SZS), Dragan Đilas, Bosko Obradović and Vuk Jeremić, is ready to radicalize today's protest and trigger new unrest on Belgrade streets, which would lead to the introduction of a state of emergency, Kurir reveals.

As far as we know, incidents were blamed for the army and the police.

– Obradovic, Djilas and Jeremic intended to trigger chaos on Belgrade's streets. The incidents will begin during the protests, and then they will mistakenly show that rioting and attempts at violent demolition are the members of the army and the police, whose trade unions are participating in the protest. They plan to use them as an incident alibi. Once riots erupt, these politicians will say that their army and police are on their side and that they are allegedly against the authorities. The ultimate goal is an attempt by the authorities to decide to introduce a state of emergency – a source of the courier, adding that both trade unions called for peaceful protests.


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Political analyst Branko Radun is convinced that the leaders of the SZS do everything that can cause the country's reaction:

– They have already ruined, destroyed the city estate, fell into institutions and we expect that the protests will be radicalized in order to provoke a complete chaos in the country and even provoke emergency situations. And all this in order to weaken the position of our country. Foreigners use this street protest as a lever of pressure on power over Kosovo.

Destabilize the country

This scenario is, as pointed out, designed exclusively for the purpose of destabilizing the state in the international public.

– All this is happening in a very fragile moment in order to weaken the negotiating position on Kosovo, just before the Western Balkans conference organized by French President Emanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on April 29, to which the President of Serbia was invited Aleksandar Vučić, as well as the Pristina delegation. The indispensable topic, as announced, is exactly Kosovo. At the same time, there is a constant threat from Prishtina, which means that the intention of the Albanians to strengthen in the north of Kosovo is insecure, our correspondent says, and points out that Albanians in the northern Kosovska Mitrovica are in the so called Kosovo Army.

photo: Dado Đilas

Two scenarios

The interlocutor Kurir adds that the untouched goal of the opposition is to expel investors.
– The state has been trying to bring a car giant for some time now. The image of the turmoil in the streets certainly does not give investors confidence, the real origins of our newspaper.

Until the last moment, among the leaders of the SZS, there were two possible scenarios in circulation:

– Firstly, the incitement of incidents and violent incursions into the media and institutions, with all responsibility limited to the union of the army and the police. And the second – to move everything to April 20th, most of whom were not willing to accept.

And although it is possible to get into disarray, indirectly confirmed by the president of the DS and one of the leaders of the SAS, Zoran Lutovac.

– We call for peaceful demonstrations. Anything that could happen will be a sign that someone tried to forge him – he said he would answer the question of the destruction of ruins in Belgrade today.

photo: Dragan Gojić

Miša Vacić


photo: Nebojša Mandić

The leader of the Serbian right, Miša Vacić, says that it is shameful that the opposition leaders, "despite the crimes they committed during the 12 years of rule, generally complain to complain and complain about violence:

– From October 5, 2000 to 2012, yellow men committed weeks in the military, economy, in Kosovo, censored the media and persecuted political opponents. All their political accusations have fallen into the water since 2012. They destroyed military facilities, withdrew the generals early, destroyed our dedicated industry, sent a military and police top to The Hague … These people closed our banks, factories … Kosovo was issued , they did nothing to persecute people, they burned us, even when the Albanians proclaimed their independence … And now they are screaming and destroying everything.



photo: Reader of the Courier

After protests in Los Angeles, Vuk Jeremic was seen last night in the "Flowers of Evil" restaurant in Belgrade, where he seized and sprayed an expensive drink that was preparing for today's opposition! He informed the citizens of the message: "Serbs, I sit and have love! I do not like the American" cocaine ", but it's not bad! Do not worry about me!" In 2018, Vuk Jeremić consulting agency took an incredible 1.045.000 dinars prices of luxury cigarettes and expensive wines.

According to our source from the heart of NS, Vuk only once used up to 70,000 dinars for a cigar box in 2017.

Previous violent moves

1. Violent Uprising on Radio Television of Serbia

photo: Printskrin

– Under the leadership of Obradovic and Djilas, SZS supporters penetrated the building of a public institute with a motor tester that destroyed the assets of RTS. The employees asked for extraordinary participation in the "Dnevnik".

2. Opposition to the building of the Presidency of Serbia

photo: EPA

– Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic spoke at the press conference, reinforcing the SZS's advocates

3. Diving in the center of Belgrade

photo: Tanjug / Dimitri Goll

– Removing the protective fence, marking the signs for marking the construction site for the safety of citizens. On the Republic Square, which is being reconstructed, stone blocks and machines were destroyed. They also shot cops with eggs.

4. Take a breath in the city assembly and complain to reporters

photo: Tanjug / Dimitri Goll

– Obradovich tried to forcefully enter the city assembly. He did not succeed because the women from the Gender Equality Council of Belgrade prevented him. Several women were wounded, and some women were threatened with physical violence – "punching fake".

photo: Courier



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